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In order to build OmniSharp, the .NET 4.6 targeting pack must be installed if it isn't already.


Mono 5.2.0 or greater is required. You can install this using the latest .pkg or install it view Homebrew:

brew update
brew install mono
brew install caskroom/cask/mono-mdk


Because OmniSharp uses the .NET Core SDK as part of the build, not all Linux distros are supported. A good rule of thumb is to check the list here to see if your particular distro is supported.

Mono 5.2.0 or greater is required. Each distro or derivative has it's own set of instructions for installing Mono which you can find here. Be sure to install msbuild as well, which may be a separate package.


Run build.(ps1|sh) with the desired set of arguments (see below for options). The build script itself is build.cake, written in C# using the Cake build automation system. All build related activites should be encapsulated in this file for cross-platform access.


Note: The arguments below should prefixed with a single hyphen on Windows (PowerShell-style) and a double-hyphen on OSX/Linux.

-target TargetName: The name of the build task/target to execute (see below for listing and details). Defaults to Default.

-configuration (Release|Debug): The configuration to build. Defaults to Release.

-test-configuration (Release|Debug): The configuration to use for the unit tests. Defaults to Debug.

-install-path Path: Path used for the Install target. Defaults to (%USERPROFILE%|$HOME)/.omnisharp

-all-publish: Publishes all platforms for the current OS. On Windows, specifying this argument would produce win7-x86 and win7-x64 builds. On OSX/Linux, this argument causes osx, linux-x86, and linux-x64 builds to be published.

-archive: Enable the generation of publishable archives after a build.

Note: On macOS/Linux, be sure to pass the arguments above with double slashes! (e.g. --target TargetName).


Default: Alias for All.

All: Full build including testing.

Quick: Local build which skips all testing.

Install: Same as quick, but installs the generated binaries into install-path.

Configuration files


A number of build-related options, including folder names for different entities. Interesting options:

DotNetInstallScriptURL: The URL where the .NET SDK install script is located. Can be used to pin to a specific script version, if a breaking change occurs.

DotNetChannel: The .NET Core SDK channel used for retreiving the tools.

DotNetVersion: The .NET Core SDK version used for the build. Can be used to pin to a specific version. Using the string Latest will retrieve the latest version.

LegacyDotNetVersion: The .NET Core SDK version used to restore packages for various test assets that are project.json-based.

Artifacts generated

  • OmniSharp binaries for specified runtimes artifacts/publish/OmniSharp/{platform}/
  • Scripts to run OmniSharp at scripts/OmniSharp(.Core)(.cmd)
    • These scripts are updated for every build and every install.
    • The scripts point to the installed binary after and install, otherwise just the build folder (reset if a new build occurs without an install).
  • Test logs in artifacts/logs
  • Archived binaries in artifacts/package (only if -archive used on command line)