@rchande rchande released this Nov 12, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

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  • It's now possible to override the default location of OmniSharp's global folder (%USERPROFILE%.omnisharp or ~/.omnisharp.) with an OMNISHARPHOME environment variable (PR: #1317)
  • OmniSharp no longer searches for config.json in its source directory to load configuration (PR: #1319)
  • Fixed a regression introduced in 1.32.4, that prevented find symbol endpoint from working for CSX projects (PR: #1321)
  • Improved MSBuild discovery for future scenarios (PR: #1328)
  • Enabled setting customer OmniSharp home directory (PR: #1317)
  • Made detection of .sln files more accurate (Contributed by @itn3000) (PR: #1320)
  • Improved reliability of document management subsystem (Contributed by @NTaylorMullen) (PR: #1330)
  • Use Roslyn's new FindSourceDeclarationsWithPatternAsync API in symbol finder (Contributed by @SirIntruder) (PR: #1304)
  • Fix FindImplementationService not finding all implementations of the partial class (Contributed by @SirIntruder) (PR: #1318)

@akshita31 akshita31 released this Oct 2, 2018 · 64 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed a bug where virtual C# documents would not get promoted to be a part of a project. (PR: #1306).
  • Added MinFilterLength to configure the number of characters a user must type in for FindSymbolRequest command to return any results (default is 0 to preserve existing behavior). Additionally added MaxItemsToReturn for configuring maximum number of items returned by the FindSymbolsRequestAPI.(PR: #1284).
  • Fixed issue where /codestructure endpoint did not return enum members. (PR: #1285)

@rchande rchande released this Jul 10, 2018 · 197 commits to master since this release

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  • Added new /codestructure endpoint which serves a replacement for the /currentfilemembersastree endpoint. The new endpoint has a cleaner design, properly supports all C# types and members, and supports more information, such as accessibility, static vs. instance, etc. (PRs: #1211 #1217)

  • Fixed a bug where language services for newly created CSX files were not provided if no CSX files existed at the moment OmniSharp was started (#1199, PR: #1210)

  • The legacy project.json support is now disabled by default, allowing OmniSharp to start up a bit faster for common scenarios. If you wish to enable project.json support, add the following setting to your omnisharp.json file. (PR: #1194)

        "dotnet": {
            "enabled": false
  • Added support for code actions in .cake files. (#1205, PR: #1212)

  • Added a new /blockstructure endpoint that returns the spans of the C# code blocks (usings, namespaces, methods, etc.) in a file. (PR: #1209)

  • Fixed bug where find usages returned usages from loaded .cake files even though OnlyThisFile was set to true in the request. (#1204, PR: #1213)

  • Performance improvements for line mappings when working with .cake files. (PR: #1226)

  • Fixed a bug where a new debug session could not be started after a previous one failed due to build error. (PR: #1239)