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#206 Support for on the fly generation and expansion of snippets during completion #209

merged 13 commits into from Jun 9, 2016
@@ -25,6 +25,10 @@ Omnisharp-vim can now be run with the [omnisharp-roslyn server](https://github.c
* Exact start match (case insensitive)
* CamelCase completions
* Subsequence match completions
* Completion snippets are supported. e.g. Console.WriteLine(TAB) (ENTER) will complete to Console.WriteLine(string value) and expand a dynamic snippet, this will place you in SELECT mode and the first method argument will be selected.
* Requires [UltiSnips]( and supports standard C-x C-o completion, [Supertab]( and [Neocomplete](
* Requires `set completeopt-=preview` when using [Neocomplete]( because of a compatibility issue with [UltiSnips](
* This functionality requires a recent version of Vim, you can check if your version is supported by running `:echo has("patch-7.3-598")`, it should output 1.
* Jump to the definition of a type/variable/method
* Find types/symbols interactively (requires [CtrlP]( plugin or [unite.vim]( plugin)
@@ -336,6 +340,9 @@ nnoremap <leader>sp :OmniSharpStopServer<cr>
nnoremap <leader>th :OmniSharpHighlightTypes<cr>
"Don't ask to save when changing buffers (i.e. when jumping to a type definition)
set hidden
" Enable snippet completion, requires completeopt-=preview
let g:OmniSharp_want_snippet=1
@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ let s:server_files = '*.sln'
let s:roslyn_server_files = 'project.json'
let s:allUserTypes = ''
let s:allUserInterfaces = ''
let s:generated_snippets = {}
let g:serverSeenRunning = 0
function! OmniSharp#Complete(findstart, base) abort
@@ -26,7 +27,12 @@ function! OmniSharp#Complete(findstart, base) abort
return start
return pyeval('Completion().get_completions("s:column", "a:base")')
let omnisharp_last_completion_result = pyeval('Completion().get_completions("s:column", "a:base")')
let s:omnisharp_last_completion_dictionary = {}
for completion in omnisharp_last_completion_result
let s:omnisharp_last_completion_dictionary[get(completion, 'word')] = completion
return omnisharp_last_completion_result
@@ -583,6 +589,40 @@ function! OmniSharp#AppendCtrlPExtensions() abort
function! OmniSharp#ExpandAutoCompleteSnippet()
if !g:OmniSharp_want_snippet
if !exists("*UltiSnips#AddSnippetWithPriority")
echoerr "g:OmniSharp_want_snippet is enabled but this requires the UltiSnips plugin and it is not installed."
let line = strpart(getline('.'), 0, col('.')-1)
let remove_whitespace_regex = '^\s*\(.\{-}\)\s*$'
let completion = matchstr(line, '.*\zs\s\W.\+(.*)')
let completion = substitute(completion, remove_whitespace_regex, '\1', '')
let should_expand_completion = len(completion) != 0
if should_expand_completion
let completion = split(completion, '\.')[-1]
let completion = split(completion, 'new ')[-1]
if has_key(s:omnisharp_last_completion_dictionary, completion)
let snippet = get(get(s:omnisharp_last_completion_dictionary, completion, ''), 'snip','')
if !has_key(s:generated_snippets, completion)
call UltiSnips#AddSnippetWithPriority(completion, snippet, completion, 'iw', 'cs', 1)
let s:generated_snippets[completion] = snippet
call UltiSnips#CursorMoved()
call UltiSnips#ExpandSnippetOrJump()
function! s:find_solution_files() abort
"get the path for the current buffer
let dir = expand('%:p:h')
@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ augroup plugin-OmniSharp
\| call OmniSharp#UpdateBuffer()
\| endif
autocmd CompleteDone <buffer> call OmniSharp#ExpandAutoCompleteSnippet()
augroup END
setlocal omnifunc=OmniSharp#Complete
@@ -87,6 +87,9 @@ endif
" Set g:OmniSharp_server_type to 'roslyn' or 'v1'
let g:OmniSharp_server_type = get(g:, 'OmniSharp_server_type', 'v1')
" Set default for snippet based completions
let g:OmniSharp_want_snippet = get(g:, 'OmniSharp_want_snippet', 0)
if !exists('g:OmniSharp_server_path')
if g:OmniSharp_server_type ==# 'v1'
let g:OmniSharp_server_path = join([expand('<sfile>:p:h:h'), 'server', 'OmniSharp', 'bin', 'Debug', 'OmniSharp.exe'], '/')
@@ -8,19 +8,26 @@ def get_completions(self, column, partialWord):
parameters['WantDocumentationForEveryCompletionResult'] = \
want_snippet = \
parameters['WantSnippet'] = want_snippet
parameters['WantMethodHeader'] = want_snippet
parameters['WantReturnType'] = want_snippet
parameters['buffer'] = '\r\n'.join(vim.eval('s:textBuffer')[:])
response = syncrequest.get_response('/autocomplete', parameters)
enc = vim.eval('&encoding')
vim_completions = []
if response is not None:
for completion in response:
complete = {
'word': completion['CompletionText'],
'menu' : completion['DisplayText'] if completion['DisplayText'] is not None else '',
'info': completion['Description'].replace('\r\n', '\n') if completion['Description'] is not None else '',
'snip': completion['Snippet'] or '',
'word': completion['MethodHeader'] or completion['CompletionText'],
'menu': completion['ReturnType'] or completion['DisplayText'],
'info': completion['Description'].replace('\r\n', '\n') or '',
'icase': 1,
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