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  • Fixed issue with Go to Definition where it was not possible to navigate to a definition within the same file if the file was generated from metadata. (PR: #1772) (Contributed by @filipw)
  • Improved symbol search behavior when matching substrings. (PR: omnisharp-roslyn#990) (Contributed by @filipw)

Project System

  • Significantly changed how MSBuild is located by OmniSharp, resulting in more project types loading properly. (PR: omnisharp-roslyn#988)
  • Fixed long-standing problem with renaming files. (#785, #1792, PR: #1805)

Other Updates and Fixes

  • If Mono 5.2.0 or greater is installed, OmniSharp will be launched on that rather than the local Mono runtime that it carries with it. This allows, more Mono and Xamarin projects to load properly and improves OmniSharp performance (since it can run on Mono AOT'd binaries). (#1779, PR: #1789)
  • Support added for launching OmniSharp on folders and solutions across multi-root workspaces. (#1762, PR: #1806)
  • Added csharp.referencesCodeLens.enabled and csharp.testsCodeLens.enabled options to allow disabling/enabling for the 'references' and 'run/debug test' code lenses independently. (#1570, #1807, PRs: #1781, #1809)