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@akshita31 akshita31 released this Jul 17, 2019

  • Added a omnisharp.enableEditorConfigSupport setting to enable support for .editorconfig #3136 (Contributed by @hoffs)(PR: omnisharp-roslyn#1526 (Contributed by @filipw))
  • Modified the auto generated tasks in tasks.json to generate full paths and disable summary to fix the problem of no source links in the problems panel. (PR:#3145)
  • Added support for Roslyn code actions that normally need UI - they used to be explicitly sipped by OmniSharp, now it surfaces them with predefined defaults instead. (omnisharp-roslyn#1220, PR: #1406) These are:
    • extract interface
    • generate constructor
    • generate overrides
    • generate Equals and GetHashCode
  • Improved analyzers performance by introducing background analysis support (omnisharp-roslyn#1507)
  • According to official Microsoft .NET Core support policy, .NET Core 1.0 and 1.1 (project.json-based .NET Core flavors) have reached end of life and went out of support on 27 June 2019. OmniSharp features to support that, which have been obsolete and disabled by default since version 1.32.2 (2018-08-07), are now completely removed.
  • Fixed a bug where some internal services didn't respect the disabling of a project system (omnisharp-roslyn#1543)
  • Improved the MSBuild selection logic. The standalone instance inside OmniSharp is now preferred over VS2017, with VS2019 given the highest priority. This ensures that .NET Core 3.0 works correctly. It is also possible manually provide an MSBuild path using OmniSharp configuration, which is then always selected. (omnisharp-roslyn#1541, PR: omnisharp-roslyn#1545)
            "MSBuild": {
                "MSBuildOverride": {
                    "MSBuildPath": "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Visual Studio\\2017\\Enterprise\\MSBuild\\15.0\\Bin",
                    "Name": "vs2017 msbuild"
  • Added support for AdditionalFiles in csproj files (omnisharp-roslyn#1510, PR: omnisharp-roslyn#1547)
  • Fixed a bug in .editorconfig where formatting settings were not correctly passed into external code fixes (omnisharp-roslyn#1558, PR: omnisharp-roslyn#1559)
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