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OmniVirt Ad Network: Monetize your VR app with seamless experience


OmniVirt Ad Network provides you an advertising platform enables developers and publishers to monetize their apps with engaging VR content in seamless user experience way.

Simply integrate the OmniVirt SDK into your iOS, Android or Web application and get paid for presenting sponsored 360° video experiences to your users. Backfill your inventory with premium CPM experiences from OmniVirt’s network of advertisers. We support both 360° and 2D video ads inside VR apps.

Visit to create ad space to start monetizing. Contact us for more info at

Add the OmniVirt SDK to your app

Using CocoaPods

CocoaPods is the most conventient way to add the OmniVirt SDK to your app. Check out for more information.

  • Add the following line to your podfile.
pod 'OmniVirtSDK'
  • Install dependencies.
$ pod install
  • Open the newly created .xcworkspace


OmniVirt Ad Network can be integrated into your Android application in just few easy steps.

Get Started

  1. Sign up for an account at OmniVirt
  2. Create one or more Ad Spaces for your app (for each Ad Space you can select different content and will get separate reporting)
  3. Keep the AdSpace ID assigned for further use.

Now an Ad Space is ready. Next step is to enable the Ad on your application.

Initialize a VRAd instance

First of all, create an VRAd instance with AdSpace ID provided by step above along with the callback listener.

class ViewController: UIViewController, VRAdDelegate {
    var vrAd: VRAd!
    override func viewDidLoad() {
        // Create an VRAd instance
        // Replace ADSPACE_ID with one you got from
        vrAd = VRAd(adSpaceID: ADSPACE_ID, viewController: self, listener: self)
        // Load an ad in background

    deinit {
        // Let vrAd be destroyed all along with the ViewController


Ad will now be loaded in the background and once it is ready, onAdStatusChanged will be called with Ready state.

Show an Ad

If you want ad to start playing automatically, just add the following code snippet to the callback function.

func adStatusChanged(withAd ad: VRAd, andStatus adState: AdState) {
    if vrAd.isLoaded() { .Off)

And it's all ... done ! Ad will now be shown on the screen.

Reload an Ad

loadAd(...) is needed to be called once per ad served. You can reload an ad to make it ready for the next session by implementing the code inside onAdStatusChanged like shown below.

func adStatusChanged(withAd ad: VRAd, andStatus adState: AdState) {
    if vrAd.isCompleted() {


When the state of VRAd has been changed, onAdStatusChanged callback function will be called with the new state in the adState parameter.

func adStatusChanged(withAd ad: VRAd, andStatus adState: AdState) {
    // Check adState

There are different 5 states in total.

  • AdState.Loading - Ad is being loaded in the background.

  • AdState.Ready - Ad is ready to be shown. You can call show() function at this state to display the loaded ad.

  • AdState.Showing - Ad is being displayed.

  • AdState.Completed - Ad display is finished.

  • AdState.Failed - Ad could not be loaded.


If you have any question, please don't hesitate to email us at !


Monetize your VR app with seamless experience



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