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Asap family

SIL Open Font License, 1.1

Asap is a contemporary sans-serif family with subtle rounded corners. Designed by Pablo Cosgaya, Asap ("as soon as possible") was specially developed for screen and desktop use, offers a standarised character width on all styles, which means lines of text remain the same length. This useful feature allows users to change type styles on-the-go without reflowing a text body. Asap is based on Ancha (designed by Pablo Cosgaya & Héctor Gatti), and has been developed with the collaboration of Eduardo Tunni, Andrés Torresi, Nicolás Silva and Yorlmar Campos.

Sample of Asap Family. Sample of Asap Family. Sample of Asap Family.

####Asap family contains:

  • Condensed Thin/Condensed Thin Italic

  • Condensed ExtraLight/Condensed Extralight Italic

  • Condensed Light/Condensed Light Italic

  • Condensed Regular/Condensed Italic

  • Condensed Medium/Condensed Medium Italic

  • Condensed SemiBold/Condensed SemiBold Italic

  • Condensed Bold/Condensed Bold Italic

  • Condensed ExtraBold/Condensed ExtraBold Italic

  • Condensed Black/Condensed Black Italic

  • SemiCondensed Thin/SemiCondensed Thin Italic

  • SemiCondensed ExtraLight/SemiCondensed Extralight Italic

  • SemiCondensed Light/SemiCondensed Light Italic

  • SemiCondensed Regular/SemiCondensed Italic

  • SemiCondensed Medium/SemiCondensed Medium Italic

  • SemiCondensed SemiBold/SemiCondensed SemiBold Italic

  • SemiCondensed Bold/SemiCondensed Bold Italic

  • SemiCondensed ExtraBold/SemiCondensed ExtraBold Italic

  • SemiCondensed Black/SemiCondensed Black Italic

  • Thin/Thin Italic

  • ExtraLight/Extralight Italic

  • Light/Light Italic

  • Regular/Italic

  • Medium/Medium Italic

  • SemiBold/SemiBold Italic

  • Bold/Bold Italic

  • ExtraBold/ExtraBold Italic

  • Black/Black Italic

  • SemiExpanded Thin/SemiExpanded Thin Italic

  • SemiExpanded ExtraLight/SemiExpanded Extralight Italic

  • SemiExpanded Light/SemiExpanded Light Italic

  • SemiExpanded Regular/SemiExpanded Italic

  • SemiExpanded Medium/SemiExpanded Medium Italic

  • SemiExpanded SemiBold/SemiExpanded SemiBold Italic

  • SemiExpanded Bold/SemiExpanded Bold Italic

  • SemiExpanded ExtraBold/SemiExpanded ExtraBold Italic

  • SemiExpanded Black/SemiExpanded Black Italic

  • Expanded Thin/Expanded Thin Italic

  • Expanded ExtraLight/Expanded Extralight Italic

  • Expanded Light/Expanded Light Italic

  • Expanded Regular/Expanded Italic

  • Expanded Medium/Expanded Medium Italic

  • Expanded SemiBold/Expanded SemiBold Italic

  • Expanded Bold/Expanded Bold Italic

  • Expanded ExtraBold/Expanded ExtraBold Italic

  • Expanded Black/Expanded Black Italic

To contribute to the project contact Omnibus-Type.


  • Pablo Cosgaya


Copyright 2021 Omnibus-Type ( |

Licensed under the SIL Open Font License, 1.1; you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.


FONTLOG for the Asap fonts

This file provides detailed information on the Asap font software.
This information should be distributed along with the Asap fonts and any derivative works.

Asap is a typeface family that supports the following Unicode language range:

  • Basic Latin U+0020-U+007E
  • Latin-1 Supplement U+00A0-U+00FF
  • Latin Extended-A U+0100-U+017F
  • Latin Extended Additional* U+1E00-U+1EFF *(111/256)

Character map to support MS Codepages:

  • 1252 Latin-1
  • 1250 Latin-2 (Eastern Europe)
  • 1254 Turkish
  • 1257 Windows Baltic
  • 1258 Vietnamese
  • Mac Roman

To contribute to the project contact Omnibus-Type at


Fonts are built automatically by GitHub Actions - take a look in the "Actions" tab for the latest build.

If you particularly want to build fonts manually on your own computer, you will need to install the yq utility. On OS X with Homebrew, type brew install yq; on Linux, try snap install yq; if all else fails, try the instructions on the linked page.


  • make build will produce font files.
  • make test will run FontBakery's quality assurance tests.
  • make proof will generate HTML proof files.


FONTLOG for the MuseoModerno fonts

This file provides detailed information on the Asap font software.
This information should be distributed along with the Asap fonts and any derivative works.

26 Aug 2022 (v.3.0) Omnibus-Type

  • Big Update to Variable Font
  • Axes weight (100..900) and width (75..125)

12 Aug 2018 (v.2.0) Omnibus-Type

  • Updated to GF Latin Plus set
  • Supports 219 Latin languages used in 212 countries

12 Aug 2018 (v.2.0) Omnibus-Type

  • Updated to GF Latin Plus set
  • Supports 219 Latin languages used in 212 countries

05 Mar 2017 (v.1.9) Omnibus-Type

  • Enabled Panose with correct values
  • Enabled Family zoned
  • Remmaped Medium weight
  • Added Semibold Weight
  • Enhancements in the OT shaping.

08 Nov 2016 (v.1.8) Marc Foley

  • Disabled Panose
  • Disabled OpenTYpe name ID
  • Adjusted vertical metrics to match v1.001

02 Feb 2015 (v.1.7) Omnibus-Type

  • Medium and MediumItalic new styles
  • Removed Reserve Font Name from the license
  • Name tables adjusted
  • fsType Installable Mode
  • Set Panose values
  • Updates CFF and TTF hinting
  • Added Family Alignment Zones
  • New Verical Metrics

17 Sep 2014 (v.1.6) Omnibus-Type

  • Set up PANOSE
  • Fixed FullName string in the table names for Windows compatibility
  • Improved the mark classes for mark positioning and mark to mark
  • Improved CFF hint (AFDK AutoHinting v1.45, Mar 20 2014)
  • Updating TTF instruction with ttfautohint (v1.1)

1 Oct 2013 (v.1.5) Omnibus-Type

  • Expanded in order to support Adobe Latin 3 and vietnamite
  • Updating hinting with ttfautohint (v0.97)
  • Increased vertical metrics
  • Improved CFF hint (AFDK 2.5.59)
  • Improved TTF hint (TTFAutohint 0.95)
  • Fixed TTF table names
  • Updated and expanded features in OT Tables:
    • GSUB:
      • aalt Access All Alternatives
      • ccmp Glyph Composition/Decomposition
      • locl Localized Forms
      • sups SuperScript
      • frac Diagonal Fractions
      • ordn Ordinals
      • liga Standard Ligatures
      • ss01 Style Set 1
      • salt Stylistic Alternatives
        • Single Substitution
        • Ligature Substitution
    • GPOS:
      • mark Mark Positioning
      • mkmk Mark to Mark
      • cpsp Capital Spacing

19 Jan 2012 (v.1.001) Omnibus-Type

  • Initial release


If you make modifications be sure to add your name (N), email (E), web-address (if you have one) (W) and description (D). This list is in alphabetical order.

N: Pablo Cosgaya
D: Designer

N: Eduardo Tunni
E: W:
D: Typeface development

N: Yorlmar Campos
E: W:
D: Typeface development

N: Nicolás Silva
D: Typeface development

N: Andrés Torresi
D: Assistant Designer

N: Héctor Gatti
D: Designer of Ancha upstream


Asap is a contemporary sans-serif family with subtle rounded corners







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