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Final Fantasy X - HD - Undub Files
Audio (VOICES)
Video (FMV)
Subtitles (FIXED)
The MetaMenu folder contains the Credits+Audio Bonus video, It's 500 MB, If you aren't interested, save the space and delete it!
First follow this guide to know how to install HENkaku ::
Two steps that are important: Installing Henkaku / Copying back
Once you've read that, It's as easy as drag and drop.
Download this folder:!h0tVVIbB
Key: !8nsCQ_7xql0XC-JBtVcKcQ
Run MolecularShell
Start FTP (press select) and connect to your Vita from your PC (use FileZilla)
Create a new folder in the ux0: location and name it Patch
Change the name of the downloaded folder to your version: EU = PCSB00395 and US = PCSE00408
Transfer the renamed folder to ux0:/patch
That's done, now to edit the file that will make your Vita think you have an update for Final Fantasy X - HD
Find the sce_sys folder of your game, you can find this under ux0:/app/TITLEID
Transfer this folder to your PC and open it up, you should find a file called param.sfo
Open the param.sfo file using the following program:
Change the APP_VER parameter of your game file and put something higher, like 1.01 and be sure to save!
Copy this folder into the TITLEID folder under ux0:/Patch
File structure should now look like this:
>MetaMenu (optional)
Restart the Vita and play Final Fantasy X - HD as it was meant to be played.
- Omnium
Thanks to:
Mr. Gas and Major Tom for the dumping/mod process.
The Henkaku devs for providing a new way to run homebrew.
S1CP for writing the guide for Persona 4 which helped me a lot with this.