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Like github! But for recipes :)
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This repository is an unfinished unmaintained project

It started as a great idea, with which I, Michelle, learnt a lot about graph databases. Thank you WyriHaximus for sharing this passion.

Life took over and I have not been doing anything with this repository, and beyond starting, there is nothing here.

My love for graph databases, recipes, and neo4j never stopped. I am currently learning GoLang and reviving this idea as I go on, being a babygopher. I know that this project is often linked as a PHP neo4j example based on my many presentations about it. If you are coming here looking for advice, I'd be happy to point you elsewhere. If you are coming here, looking for awesome omnomhub, go to my babygopher project! =)


Omnomhub is thought to be a recipe site for people who like to alter recipes, if ever so slightly. Like Github, but for cooking. There are a lot of copies of recipes where people slightly alter them to match their dietary needs or tastebuds, at omnomhub you will always be able to see the original recipe, and if you want - Make your own version of it. Just like in github you can also collaborate on recipes, discuss and suggest changes to make them better.

How to install

  1. Install the following:

  2. Run composer install

  3. Add the following line to /etc/hosts
  4. Run vagrant up to start the virtual machine.

  5. Visit to see Omnomhub in action.

    To access the Neo4J browser you can go to

Need help?

In case of problems don't hesitate to create an issue or:

Enjoy, and keep omnomming! :)

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