Ethereum Token and Crowdsale contracts for IQ-300 project
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IQ-300 Token and Crowdsale (ICO) contracts

IQ-300 Ethereum contracts stack consists of

  • Tempus token (TPS) - the coin supposed to be the main digital asset in IQ-300 Business Processes Management application;
  • Crowdsale contract - preallocates TPSes to investors during ICO token sale

Token contract

TPS is ERC-20 standard token with the following paramaters:

  • Name: Tempus
  • Symbol: TPS
  • Decimals: 8
  • Mintable: Yes, Special role for minting
  • Capped: Yes, Cap = 1,000,000,000.00000000 TPS (1 billion tokens)
  • Burnable: Yes, owner can burn his tokens
  • RBAC: Yes, Minters (can mint), Owners (can add minters)
  • Source Code: IQ300Token.sol
  • Mainnet address: 0x900B2a673b71E77DB2c9AE91A5934d0475b26F11

Crowdsale contract

Contract for IQ-300 project token crowdsale receives ether and sends back corresponding amount of TPS tokens to the investor. The crowdsale comprises 5 rounds with different prices ETH/TPS starting from 0,005 ETH for 1.00000000 TPS on start.

  • Round0 starts at the moment of contract deployment with the price 0,005 ETH for 1.00000000 TPS and finishes after phase cap reached or after 30 days from the start date whichever occurs first.
  • Round1-3 start after the previous round finished with increased price and finish after phase cap reached or after 30 days from the start date of the round (whichever occurs first).
  • Round 4 the last round, starts after the round 3 but has no time limit and no phase cap (global crowdsale cap 1B TPS still applies).

Crowdsale phases

Round Start date End date (UTC) Phase cap, TPS Price ETH per TPS
0 contract creation time creation + 30days 20% of 1B = 200M TPS 0.005
1 just after Round0 end round1 start + 30days 20% of unsold TPS 0.01
2 just after Round1 end round2 start + 30days 20% of unsold TPS 0.02
3 just after Round2 end round3 start + 30days 20% of unsold TPS 0.04
4 just after Round3 end not time-limited global cap in effect 0.08

There is no option to change phases parameters after contract deployed. The contract can be stopped (deactivated temporarily or permanently) by revocation of its minting privileges on the token.


All the funds received from the investors are evenly split and forwarded to securely stored wallets (Externally Owned Accounts) to avoid any on-chain risks. Wallets can be added or removed at any point of time by the owners.


Getting started

Get the source code

Clone the contracts repository with submodules (we use zeppelin-solidity libraries)

git clone --recurse-submodules

Run tests

  • Run npm install.
  • Run ./scripts/

Deploy on the net

  • Flatten your solidity code The simplest way to transfer your code to the IDE and other tools is to make it flat (opposed to hierarchically organized tree) Install truffle-flattener via npm npm install -g truffle-flattener flatten your contract to a single code snippet, copy it truffle-flattener contracts/IQ300Crowdsale.sol You can use Remix IDE for deployment on the net.

  • Deploy Token contract, you should get an address of deployed contract (Token)

  • As Tx get mined go to the etherscan and do Token's source code verification
  • Deploy Crowdsale contract, using the Token address as argument
deploy(Crowdsale, Token.address)
  • Add receiving wallets manually.
  • Add Crowdsale contract to the minters list of the token

Post-Deploy steps

  • Good practice is to verify Source Code on the etherscan. Do it for both Crowdsale and Token.
  • Publish your Crowdsale contract for investors. Make a notice on dates, discounts and minimal contributon.