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head fork: tobi/Tukui8
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Commits on Dec 17, 2009
@tukz tukz adding 1600x1200 (4/3) resolution support. 1598c46
Commits on Dec 18, 2009
@tukz tukz minor fix to buff panels / move and resize vehicule button 25b8993
@tukz tukz forgot to update .toc file after previous update 00f720b
@tukz tukz adding a missing option for totem bar in config file bc88b2b
@tukz tukz rollback to t8.08, hide_totem option don't exist, use hide_shapeshift…
… option to hide totem bar.
Commits on Dec 19, 2009
@tukz tukz lots of code changes / CPU optimization / fixes / files rename / file…
…s move

- new feature : shift+mouseover on guild stat show additionnal infos
@tukz tukz - some files missing a73cadd
@tukz tukz adding Garangar fix to show cross-realm tooltip name. 5f2feeb
@tukz tukz disable mouseover on right bars with tukui default config c1c3d76
@tukz tukz tooltip cross-realm name fix. f9b2b9a
Commits on Dec 20, 2009
@tukz tukz fix a totem bar issue, small tooltip edit/fix. 25a64ae
@tukz tukz missing .toc update for last commit. 6349501
Commits on Dec 24, 2009
@tukz tukz new features : arena trinket display, mt frames, master loot icon. 2d2ad03
@tukz tukz add new files for t8.20 6132efe
@tukz tukz just a minor code edit to heal40 layout. 3c627fb
@tukz tukz fix move unitframe (/omf) not saving position after /rl or disconnect…
…. (by Garangar)
Commits on Dec 25, 2009
@tukz tukz add support with totembar plugin by soeters to unitframe, fix totem b…
…ar buttons if unit < lvl30
@tukz tukz add totem.lua to support totembar layout. 007e59e
@tukz tukz small code cleanup to unitframe totembar layout. c636985
@tukz tukz adding totem.lua license by soeters. 435df8e
@tukz tukz updating haste oUF_movable (moveframe.lua) plugin to 1.5. 260a860
Commits on Dec 26, 2009
@tukz tukz users requests on healing layout : add power bar via raid10/raid15/gr…
…id and add druid hot indicator on grid layout.
@tobi tobi Added 2560x1440 to valid resolutions.
This is native resolution of the iMac 27". Uses 16:9 aspect ratio but works as expected.