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#Robotlegs 2 and Spark Windows

Issue: Mediated Spark Window is not eligible for GC after closing it by clicking TitleBar's closeButton

If you're using Robotlegs, you know that if a View (Display Object) is mapped for mediation with autoRemoveEnabled set to true (default), Robotlegs removes the Mediator the moment the View dispatches an Event.REMOVED_FROM_STAGE.

A Spark Window seems to be a special case:

  1. A Window closed programmatically ( window.close(); ) dispatches a REMOVED_FROM_STAGE event, as expected. The MediatorManger receives a notification of that event and consequently the MediatorFactory removes the Mediator for the Window.

  2. After clicking on the closeButton of the TitleBar the Window disappears, but it doesn't dispatch a REMOVED_FROM_STAGE event. Thus, the Mediator won't be removed.

There are a few possible workarounds for this issue. You can see some of them in this demo.

The trigger was a discussion on the forum.

The first workaround was to let the Window's system manager (WindowedSystemManger) remove the window (like in this discussion):


Another solution: The Window dispatches the REMOVED_FROM_STAGE event within the handler of Event.CLOSE:

protected function window_closeHandler(event:Event):void
	if (stage)
		this.dispatchEvent(new Event(Event.REMOVED_FROM_STAGE));

TO DO: think about how Robotlegs could solve this issue internally. What if MediatorManager would add an event listener for the Event.CLOSE in its addMediator method like this:

if (displayObject && mapping.autoRemoveEnabled)
	if(displayObject.parent is ISystemManager)
		displayObject.addEventListener(Event.CLOSE, onRemovedFromStage)
		displayObject.addEventListener(Event.REMOVED_FROM_STAGE, onRemovedFromStage);

Can you see any downsides to this?