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This role configures OS for use with fast-vm and installs and configures the fast-vm on it.


This roles was tested only on CentOS/RHEL 7.5 and Fedora 27, 28, 29. On RHEL systems this role expects that system is properly registered so it can download and install packages.

Role Variables

  • configure repositories needed for fast-vm installation

    config_repositories: true
  • install packages needed by fast-vm and fast-vm itself

    install_fastvm: true
  • configure libvirt for fast-vm access (change groups and permissions settings)

    config_libvirt_access: true
  • configure libvirt network for fast-vm (libvirtd service will be enabled after boot)

    config_libvirt_network: true
  • configure storage for fast-vm (create thinpool LV)

    config_storage: true
  • configure sudoers for fast-vm

    config_sudoers: true
  • generate /etc/fast.conf configuration file

    config_fastvm_conf: true
  • install OVMF UEFI firmware needed by UEFI fast-vm machines

    install_ovmf: true
  • install and configure fence_virtd that can be used to fence the fast-vm VMs using fence_xvm

    install_fence_virtd: true
  • install custom version of qemu-kvm,qemu-img and seabios-bin to support LSI and MEGASAS emaulated drivers

    install_custom_qemu: true
  • group with access to fast-vm

    • required by: config_libvirt_access, config_sudoers, config_fastvm_conf
    fastvm_group: libvirt
  • name of VG where fast-vm thinpool LV is located

    • required by: config_storage, config_fastvm_conf
    fastvm_vg: c7vg
  • name of fast-vm thinpool LV

    • required by: config_storage, config_fastvm_conf
    fastvm_lv: fast-vm-pool
  • size of fast-vm thinpool LV

    • required by: config_storage, config_fastvm_conf
    fastvm_lv_size: 50G
  • fast-vm network subnet number

    • required by: config_libvirt_network, config_fastvm_conf
    fastvm_net: 42
  • name of fast-vm NAT libvirt network

    • required by: config_libvirt_network, config_fastvm_conf, install_fence_virt
    fastvm_net_name: fast-vm-nat
  • prefix for fast-vm VMs

    • required by: config_fastvm_conf
    fastvm_vm_prefix: 'fastvm-'
  • Allow only owners of VMs and 'root' to delete them

    • required by: config_fastvm_conf
    fastvm_owner_only_delete: 'yes'
  • Multicast address of fence_virt daemon

    • required by: install_fence_virt
    fence_virtd_address: ''

Example Playbook

Install and configure all basic things needed by fast-vm - default installation:

- hosts: servers
     - { role: }

NOTE: Fedora 28 and 29 are supported only with python3 interpreter that requires adding ansible_python_interpreter=/usr/bin/python3 variable in host as shown below.

fedora28-machine ansible_python_interpreter=/usr/bin/python3
fedora29-machine ansible_python_interpreter=/usr/bin/python3



Author Information

To get in touch with author you can use email or create a issue on github when requesting feature(s).

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