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JSLint, The JavaScript Code Quality Tool
Douglas Crockford
fulljslint.js contains the fully commented JSLINT function.
fulljslint.html runs the JSLINT function in a web page. The page also depends
on adsafe.js [] and json2.js [] (which are not
included in this project) and intercept.js and fullinit_ui.js (which are). The
js files should all be minified, and all except fullinit_ui.js are concatenated
together to form fullwebjslint.js.
intercept.js augments ADsafe, giving widgets access to cookies and the JSLINT
fullinit_ui.js hooks the HTML ui components to ADsafe.
lint.html describes JSLint's usage.
Direct questions and comments to
JSLint can be run anywhere that JavaScript (or Java) can run. See for example