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Regexp based validation collection for common internet validation tasks
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This is a collection of regular expressions for general validation purposes. The basic design concept is to split up the regexes into semantic parts of the pattern to match. As an example a url consists of many parts like scheme, optional userinfo, subdomain, domain, toplevel domain, path, query and fragment. It is a lot easier to write a maintainable and reusable regular expression by mathing each of these parts individually and write a regex that combines the individual later.

The library includes a TLD whitelist that can be updated using make.

This module works as a NodeJS CommonJS module, a require.js AMD module and falls back to exposing itself in the global scope on one.validation if included directly in the page.

Package managers:

  • npm: npm install one-validation
  • bower: bower install validation

Supported patterns

  • domain
  • email
  • url


domain and domainIdn

return true;
return true;

email and emailIdn'');
return true;
return true;


npm install
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