React component for truncating multi-line spans and adding an ellipsis
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$ npm install react-truncate


import Truncate from 'react-truncate';

// ...

class Foo extends Component {
    render() {
        return (
            <Truncate lines={3} ellipsis={<span>... <a href='/link/to/article'>Read more</a></span>}>

Hint: (Generally with React) if you want to preserve newlines from plain text, you need to do as follows:

    {text.split('\n').map((line, i, arr) => {
        const line = <span key={i}>{line}</span>;

        if (i === arr.length - 1) {
            return line;
        } else {
            return [line, <br key={i + 'br'} />];


Prop Type Default Description Example
lines integer, boolean {false} 1 Specifies how many lines of text should be preserved until it gets truncated. false and any integer < 1 will result in the text not getting clipped at all. (false, -1, 0), 1, ...
ellipsis string, React node '…' An ellipsis that is added to the end of the text in case it is truncated. '...', <span>...</span>, <span>... <a href='#' onClick={someHandler}>Read more</a></span>, [<span key='some'>Some</span>, <span key='siblings'>siblings<span>]
children string, React node The text to be truncated. Anything that can be evaluated as text. 'Some text', <p>Some paragraph <a/>with other text-based inline elements<a></p>, <span>Some</span><span>siblings</span>
trimWhitespace boolean false If true, whitespace will be removed from before the ellipsis (e.g. words ... will become words... instead)
width number 0 If not 0, the calculation of the content will be based on this number.
onTruncate function Gets invoked on each render. Gets called with true when text got truncated and ellipsis was injected, and with false otherwise. isTruncated => isTruncated !== this.state.isTruncated && this.setState({ isTruncated })

Known issues

  • Resize content when the size of parent container changed (use the width property or call ref.onResize()). See issue
  • Text exceeding horizontal boundaries when "viewport" meta tag is not set accordingly for mobile devices (font boosting leads to wrong calculations). See issue
  • Output in plain text only - no support for markup/HTML. See issue
  • Wrong line breaks when custom font is loading after the component has rendered. See issue
  • No support for letter spacing / word spacing. See issue

Integrated example for toggling "read more" text

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
import Truncate from 'react-truncate';

class ReadMore extends Component {
    constructor(...args) {

        this.state = {
            expanded: false,
            truncated: false

        this.handleTruncate = this.handleTruncate.bind(this);
        this.toggleLines = this.toggleLines.bind(this);

    handleTruncate(truncated) {
        if (this.state.truncated !== truncated) {

    toggleLines(event) {

            expanded: !this.state.expanded

    render() {
        const {
        } = this.props;

        const {
        } = this.state;

        return (
                    lines={!expanded && lines}
                        <span>... <a href='#' onClick={this.toggleLines}>{more}</a></span>
                {!truncated && expanded && (
                    <span> <a href='#' onClick={this.toggleLines}>{less}</a></span>

ReadMore.defaultProps = {
    lines: 3,
    more: 'Read more',
    less: 'Show less'

ReadMore.propTypes = {
    children: PropTypes.node.isRequired,
    lines: PropTypes.number,
    less: PropTypes.string,
    more: PropTypes.string

export default ReadMore;


Install system libraries needed for development dependencies

Install development dependencies

$ npm install

Run tests

$ npm test

Run code linter

$ npm run lint

Compile to ES5 from /src to /lib

$ npm run compile