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Pinned repositories

  1. onebusaway-android

    The official Android/Fire Phone app for OneBusAway

    Java 315 204

  2. onebusaway-iphone

    The OneBusAway iPhone app.

    Objective-C 204 122

  3. onebusaway-alexa

    An Java-based app to communicate with Amazon Alexa for devices such as the Amazon Echo

    Java 45 17

  4. onebusaway-windows-phone

    Source code for the OneBusAway mobile app on Windows Phone

    C# 10 14

  5. onebusaway-windows8

    Source code for the official OneBusAway Windows8 app

    C# 9 12

  6. onebusaway-application-modules

    The core OneBusAway application suite.

    Java 149 101