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The OneBusAway iPhone app.
Objective-C Other
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OneBusAway Tests Revert "Improve Travis CI to also test iOS 7"
OneBusAway/Images.xcassets Replaced the location and list icons with nicer ones.
Pods iOS 8-ification of OneBusAway
Resources Reorganize Project and Repo Layout
categories Automatically opt in all OBA view controllers to analytics reporting
controls PR feedback:
gpx_files Reorganize Project and Repo Layout
location PR feedback:
org.onebusaway.iphone.xcodeproj no message
org.onebusaway.iphone.xcworkspace switch libraries to CocoaPods
protocols Rearrange more files
scripts Merge pull request #373 from bbodenmiller/repo-with-spaces
sdk no message
ui Spelling
utilities iOS 8-ification of OneBusAway
.gitignore update gitignore
.travis.yml update travis ci to use workspace
.uncrustifyconfig Update uncrustify config to always put braces around single-line if/d… Update Merge pull request #312 from caitbonnar/contributing
Entitlements.plist Initial import
Info.plist Resolves "Application Transport Security has blocked a cleartext HTTP…
LICENSE Add license
OBAApplicationDelegate.h Extracting common init logic from OBAApplicationDelegate into a separ…
OBAApplicationDelegate.m Fixes #413 — Blurry pins on iOS 8.3+
Podfile iOS 8-ification of OneBusAway
Podfile.lock iOS 8-ification of OneBusAway switch libraries to CocoaPods Fixing 404 link in Roadmap
credits.html Update credits
main.m Rename OBAApplicationContext to OBAApplicationDelegate.
org_onebusaway_iphone_Prefix.pch Updated OneBusAway project settings so it builds & runs when linking …
pom.xml Initial import

OneBusAway for iPhone

Build Status Join the chat at Visit our IRC channel

Test latest development release

If you would like to help test the latest development release, email us at to be added to our TestFlight Beta testing group.


See our contributing guidelines and roadmap.

Our huboard lists development priorites and status updates.

Development environment setup

  1. Install Xcode 6 with the iOS 8.x SDK
  2. Install BBUncrustifyPlugin to keep your code within our style guidelines
  3. git clone your fork
  4. Open org.onebusaway.iphone.xcworkspace

You should now be able to build. See our contributing guidelines for the specific workflow to add a new feature or bug fix.


  • Update the CHANGELOG to reflect the changes in this release
  • Update the version number
  • Merge in to master branch
  • Create AppStore build
  • Upload to AppStore, use changelog as release notes
  • Create GitHub release based on changelog
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