Show a different icon for bookmarked stops in the map view. #315

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mzheng commented Jul 5, 2014

Show a different icon for bookmarked stops in the map view:
2014-07-05 13 41 44

Part of feature request for 2.3:

The bookmark color can be tweaked if needed.


aaronbrethorst commented Jul 5, 2014

👍 - looks good, but I'd love to see the colorized images get cached somewhere.


bbodenmiller commented Jul 5, 2014

Great idea but perhaps a different color might be better. How does a yellow similar to Google Maps stars look? (Just to complete the GitHub mentioning/linking this was requested in #3.)


barbeau commented Jul 6, 2014

Thanks for working on this! I like the concept, but I'd actually prefer to
overlay a star on the bus stop icon itself, or replace stop icon entirely
with a star icon for favorites. I don't think the meaning of the shading
is very clear, while stars are fairly universal in denoting favorites
(e.g., OBA Android uses stars for favorites).

For example, Google Maps replaces the place location icon with a star when
marked as a favorite.

Also, the color shading likely won't be visible to color blind users. We
should also pick a solution that translates well to stop vs. station icons
and stop branding (e.g., agency logos), since these features have also been
On Jul 5, 2014 7:54 PM, "Ben Bodenmiller" wrote:

Great idea but perhaps a different color might be better. How does a
yellow similar to Google Maps stars look? (Just to complete the GitHub
mentioning/linking this was requested in #3

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mzheng commented Jul 6, 2014

Thanks for all the feedback.

@aaronbrethorst I've added the caching.
@bbodenmiller I've changed to color to match Google Maps' star:
2014-07-06 13 25 58
Pure yellow (for comparison):
2014-07-06 13 37 14

@barbeau Originally I thought of replacing the stop icon with just a star. However, it would lose 2 pieces of information: 1) stop type (ex. bus, light rail, ferry and rail) 2) direction of stop. As for overlaying a star on top of the icon, I'm not sure how it would look since I'm not a designer.

As for color-blind users, iOS has accessibility options (Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Invert Colors or Grayscale). Under both options, the colorized image looks visually different. Unfortunately, screenshots cannot capture the results.

I don't understand the distinctions between stop vs. station icons and stop branding (e.g., agency logos). Can you bookmark those? If so, can you show an example of how it looks?


aaronbrethorst commented Jul 6, 2014

I just ran a quick check of the screenshot above against, and it looks like it should be just fine for color blind users.


barbeau commented Jul 7, 2014

Thanks for checking @aaronbrethorst! That's good to know.

@mzheng Agreed, we want to retain direction and stop type info in the icon. I actually forgot that OBA iOS does show different icons for stops types (OBA Android doesn't do that) - that info would be difficult to retain if switching entirely to a star icon.

There is some discussion of stop branding here:
OneBusAway/onebusaway-android#63 (comment)

...and I've also pasted the screenshot from that discussion below.


I believe the BART logo is used in Google Maps only for metro stations - bus stops and rail stops have the generic icons.

My personal preference is to use a star in some way (e.g., overlaid on stop icon to avoid losing other info in icon), but if everyone else is good with the color shading let's go with that.


caitbonnar commented Jul 7, 2014

Hi all, cool to see this issue is being picked up. Thanks, @mzheng!

To add my two cents into the icon discussion, I do agree that the direction indication is an important piece of information that shouldn't be lost when replacing the icon for a bookmarked stop. As for the icon itself, I've had a sample of users with vision impairments say they would prefer a much simpler icon in general such as a solid shape (much like the drop-pin that Google uses). A star would be a simple, intuitive representation of a favorited stop to me. I think if a stop is favorited, they already know what type of stop it is (and if not, it can be easily determined just by going to the details view). Plus, I'm not sure how many people pay attention to the different stop icons in general (there aren't many different ones used in Seattle, at least). So, my vote is in favor of the star as well. However, as long as the icon is accessible, I'm okay with it. 👍


bbodenmiller commented Jul 7, 2014

I'm good with the star or yellow stop icon. I imagine you could still show direction with the star icon similar to how you show direction with the bus icon.


bbodenmiller commented Jul 7, 2014

I could see a potential problem with the star if you had both the bus & train stop bookmarked here:



caitbonnar commented Jul 18, 2014

@bbodenmiller Hmm, good observation. However, I think the only way any potential confusion could come about is if you favorite both stops and both appear as stars-- and then all you'd have to do would be check them to verify which is the Link stop and which is the bus stop. This is a slight tradeoff, but when considering that a star is a more intuitive representation of a favorite and adds another means by which to quickly spot stops on the map (for example, when brightness is turned down or it's bright outside, it might be hard to rely on just color alone), I think I'd still prefer the star. Plus, it's good to have consistency between the different platforms.

@mzheng, are you able to find a quick CC-licensed star icon to put in there so we can compare? You can make a quick mock-up before going through and putting in the little red arrow to indicate direction on all of them, just in case it is decided that the yellow background is indeed preferable. Thanks for your patience on this!

caitbonnar referenced this pull request in OneBusAway/onebusaway-android Oct 1, 2014


UI re-design #155


aaronbrethorst commented Mar 18, 2016

thank you for your time on this pull request, and i'm sorry we were unable to incorporate it.

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