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OneBusAway is a collection of open-source tools and libraries designed with one goal in mind:

Making public transit easier to use.

Rider information can be anything from maps and schedules to real-time arrivals and service alerts. Check out the YouTube video to see an example of the services OneBusAway offers.

Our tools are sometimes designed to be used directly by riders, but some are also be used by transit agencies and developers to build tools of their own for sharing real-time public transit information. Below, we describe the various pieces that make up OneBusAway.

The OneBusAway Application Suite

The OneBusAway application suite's primary function is to share real-time public transit information with riders across a variety of interfaces:

These interfaces are powered by a transit-data back-end module that combines raw transit data (GTFS, GTFS-realtime, etc) into an optimized data-bundle appropriate for application development.

Getting Started

There are two ways to get started with your own OBA instance:

  • Quickstart Guide - If you are looking to quickly deploy a simple OneBusAway instance to see how it might work for you without messing with code.
  • Developers Guide - If you're comfortable getting your hands dirty with code and want to get OBA up and running based on the source code and Eclipse.

GTFS Libraries

We provide a Java-based library for reading, writing, and transforming GTFS data, including database support.


Check out all our GTFS-realtime resources.


Check out all our SIRI resources.

ATCO-CIF to GTFS Converter

We provide a utility to convert public transit schedule data in the ATCO-CIF format into the GTFS format.

Other Libraries

  • onebusaway - Common parent Maven POM that defines a number of common project settings, like project license, distribution management, and artifact signing
  • onebusaway-collections - Common collection and utilities classes used by a number of modules.
  • onebusaway-csv-entities - A Java library for reading and writing entities from comma-separated-values files.
  • onebusaway-service-alerts - Application for producing and managing service alerts on the transit agency side.
  • onebusaway-probablecalls - a library for writing touch-tone phone IVR applications using the XWork library.
  • onebusaway-resources - common OneBusAway resources, including images and icons.
  • onebusaway-wiki-integration - Allow embedding of content from a wiki / CMS / other source in your webapp.
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