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OneBusAway is a collection of open-source tools and libraries designed with one goal in mind:

Making public transit easier to use.

Rider information can be anything from maps and schedules to real-time arrivals and service alerts. Check out the YouTube video to see an example of the services OneBusAway offers:


Get the software

The core features of OneBusAway are contained in the OneBusAway Application Suite:

Other Libraries

  • onebusaway - Common parent Maven POM that defines a number of common project settings, like project license, distribution management, and artifact signing
  • onebusaway-collections - Common collection and utilities classes used by a number of modules.
  • onebusaway-csv-entities - A Java library for reading and writing entities from comma-separated-values files.
  • onebusaway-service-alerts - Application for producing and managing service alerts on the transit agency side.
  • onebusaway-probablecalls - a library for writing touch-tone phone IVR applications using the XWork library.
  • onebusaway-resources - common OneBusAway resources, including images and icons.
  • onebusaway-wiki-integration - Allow embedding of content from a wiki / CMS / other source in your webapp.