Making OneBusAway Better

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Want to help make OneBusAway better? There are a number of ways you can contribute:

Spread the Word about OneBusAway

If you find OneBusAway useful, tell your friends. Tell your co-workers. Maybe even tell your locally elected officials. We appreciate all the support we can get.

Give Feedback About OneBusAway

We'd love to hear what you think of OneBusAway. What features do you like? What features do you hate? Is something confusing? Annoying? Interesting? We try to be responsive to our users but it works best when our users tell us what needs work.

You can get in touch with us over email ([]) or Twitter (

If you'd like to more formally notify us of a bug or a new feature request, you can also submit a [ new issue].

Hack the Code

OneBusAway is open-source software. That means we're giving away all the code that powers OneBusAway for free. Why do we do this? We're big believers in the power of the community to come together and tackle common problems. That's one of the reasons we started OBA in the first place. To make it easier for others to add new features or fix bugs in OBA, we make all our source code freely available. Put that CS degree to good use by helping your community and hack some code with us.

More details on getting started with development can be found in HackingOneBusAway.