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The problem we solve

Have ever looked for events on a specific subject ? You had to realize that there were many differents sources, not so well structured, and rarely available directly since your diary. I think about for example Open Diary Agile Diary, some meetups, JDuchess Diary and for so much others communities it could exist. I find rather complex and spend too much time to stay up to date of all the events, and am always warned too late to register.

What it does

The idea is to simplify all this by proposing a diaries aggregator, which is going to tag them, and store it to be able to consult, filter and extract. To start, under the shape of iCal, standard IETF flow, for schedule.


One of the major benefit is to propose a standard format like iCal. By this way, with a minimal web application, and any compatible device, we can propose our service. We use a NoSQL database to be able to evolve our data model without script migration. We use this NoSQL database to build our categories index.


The categorization of the events, the extraction of the tags is like building an index with a very specific dictionary, so we have to build everything to make it work as expected. Because this dictionary is so specific, we have to build a synonym database. Those two points are not addressed at the moment.

High level design

web client that can handle specifically ical url scheme. It consult our web application to filter bellow his tastes. And we deliver him an iCal file that can be refreshed on its terminal. The iCal is generated from the extract with those criteria for the database. It's a classical web layered application.

  • Very classical web client
  • Web Server
    • View
    • Controller
    • Service
    • DAO
  • Database

For developers with native dependencies

To prepare the application

  • Have node (> 0.8) installed
  • Have play2 (2.2.1) installed somewhere and add it to your path
  • Have mongo2 (2.0.6) started (only for run command)
    • create a folder named "data" where the following command is started
    • mkdir data
    • mongod --dbpath ./data --noprealloc --smallfiles --nojournal --rest
  • Retrieve front dependencies with npm install (and bower install build-in)

To prepare tests

To run front tests

The js tests doesn't compile by themself for now, so to transpile those scripts

  • npm test
  • npm run-sript compile-tests

To run play test

  • play test

To launch the application

  • Launch the application, as any play app
    • play
    • $ compile
    • $ run

For developers with Docker

## Prepare dev environment

  • docker build .
  • ./
  • ./
    • then npm install to resolve front dependencies
    • then play to resolve play dependencies
    • then compile to resolve project dependencies

Run tests

## Launch application