A rogue-like surfing game. January entry for OneGameAMonth
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Rogue Beach, CA

Rogue Beach, CA is an attempt to create a surf games in the roguelike genre. No fancy 3D graphics, no stunts, no tunnels, just a beach, water, waves and you, represented by an @, with your board.

it's some sort of surfing game I suppose? -- legacy99

Website: (ananasblau.com/rogue-beach)[http://ananasblau.com/rogue-beach]

Srsly, roguelike and surfing?

You gotta be mad to combine a very fast sport like surfing with the turn-based gameplay of roguelike (though some people just don't get it on the first try), but I think it can be done with a few tricks. And let's not forgot, a Rogue Beach will be the ideal game for anyone who's too slow for surfing or would like to enjoy the wildlife while surfing.

First of all the grid will be a lot small than the usual 1x1m you find in roguelikes. Secondly the player will have a (very high) speed parameter so if she goes UP at high speed, a single hit on the LEFT button will only turn her a little and she will still go UP for a few turns, dozens of grid blocks.

Roguelikes are a lot about slaying monsters, creatures wouldn't be expected on a beach. But, beaches offer alternatives: Sharks for example, but they would be very much to fight, with the surfer just being part the shark's foodchain. Rocks, though very passive can be a hazard to anyone falling of their board. Lastely other surfers and even though this is a sad matter, violence between groups of surfers in order to claim their stakes on certain beaches or even waves, is not unseen.

I'm not sure you understand how roguelikes work... -- pekuja


The player start swith herr board on the beach, grab it, run for the water and paddle out. Danger might lie in waves crashing in. Once you passed the waves, wait for a good one (of course the waves are generated randomly, seeded, and how often does the map completely mutate in a roguelike?) and paddle like mad, jump and the Fun can start.

Players get scores for a good and long surf, a polished release will give score if some camera is waiting to get a shot of the surfers. Trade your score for some hot speedos, flashy bikinis, boards, magic mushrooms, or a tasty cheeseburger while you are at the beach.

looks so neat! Very cool :) -- @LorenBendar

Is this really roguelike?

The checklist according to mikipedia:

  1. Prodecually generated, nothing could be more chaotic than waves
  2. Turnbased combat (it sure is!)
  3. Magic items (Magic Mushrooms from Old Willi's Hippy supply)
  4. Permadeath (just wait till you fall and hit the rocks)
  5. Single player

So it is, strangely, a roguelike.

Rocks! -- @Raptorendame


|       |
|   │   |
| @ │   |
|   │   |
|       |

Surfer carrying a board



OneGameAMonth is about working together, that's why we share all this sourcecode onto github, that's why you could contribute a few pieces to this game. Art, music, code, mods, everything is possible, fork the code right away or mail me. If you want to use my code oot make your own game, be my guest.

Features / TODO

  • [DONE] Seeded map generator with beach, sea and waves
  • [DONE] Player moving around
    • [DONE] When in water, change from a timer to a round based system
    • [DONE] Player laying on surfboard while paddling out to the waves
    • [DONE] Player standing up and surfing
  • Graphics
    • Player
    • Surf boards
    • Wild life
    • Promo kit:
      • [DONE] Square app icon
  • Waves building up and collapsing
  • [DONE] Sound for waves, as audio sources with the Player as listener
    • [DONE] Surf music
  • Score
    • awesomeness for certain tricks
    • [DONE] time on the wave
  • Beach huts to trade Awesomeness into some gimmick
  • Customize Player
    • Surf-board
    • Tattoos
    • Bikini
    • food-stuff
  • NPCs
    • Surfers
    • Beachers
    • Kids building castles
    • wild-life:
      • fishies
      • turtles
      • birds
      • sharks
  • Scenery
    • [DONE] Rocks (hurt surfer unless riding a wave)
    • Coral reef (like rocks but looking good)
  • Beach-wide ranking for Awesomeness, including NPCs (championsships?)
  • Replay
    • Record player movements once he's on the board
    • Store gamestate in keyframes every x seconds
    • Play movements

Word to add (honestly I got no clue why?)

  • "Rad" "Bogus" "Bodacious" and "Totally" (Joe Robins)
  • "Tabular" (Chris_E)
  • "Far Out" and "Kowabunga" (Efranford)

Videos, images and stuff

To give you an impression of the gameplay and development