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Things I don't like about github organizations #2

TomK32 opened this Issue · 6 comments

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  1. No possibility to have a "join" button for open orgs
  2. No way to unsubscribe from all notification from a org

add the things you miss or don't like.


We should create an issue like "Comment here if you want to join"


oh on the org page i've changed the location to "mail me to join". and it does work.


To unsubscribe to automatic notifications for every new repo, go to, then untick the box at the top right called "automatically watch".


Good to know. I'll probably use the "mail me to join" if we get like 100 repos suddenly.


I've spent the last ten minutes trying to find the "Downloads" section. Is there a way to upload small binary releases of the game on github?


alex, that feature has been deprecated:

so it's back to google drive, dropbox or if you put your game into indiedb, they allow you to add downloads (let alone the extra publicity you'll get)

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