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A few things to know about this github organization

Level 0

Is this like official and how can I join?

Yup it's the official group, but getting in need some extra work. TomK32 (aka @ananablau) created this organization on github and will maintain it. Tweet @ananasblau or send to info@ananasblau.com if you want to join the group.

Why should I use git (or any other version control)?

Because your code is important. You are putting a lot of time into it, you could be out surfing or snowboarding or even on your xbox instead, but you are fighting hard to put lines of code together into a game. Out of this you need to treat your code, and thus your own time, with respect. Loosing your code (just think about what happened to Project Zomboid) is not very respectful.

If you think, "oh this version control takes up time", you are wrong. It helps you to keep track of your work, keep a clean version that you can release, allows you to go back a little to find out when a new bug came in (git bisect), and even stashing your unfinished work to fix and immediately release the fix and five minutes later return to your current task, that's worth gold.

Level 1

How to get started

Create a repository in your own account, one for the whole year or one per month is up to you.

How to fork into the OneGameAMonth organization?

You created your repo in your account and now you go to this repo and hit fork. Providing you are already a member of the organization you are now able to fork your own repo into the organization.

Why this way round? In case something happens to the OneGameAMonth org your repo is still accessible. You have to push to both repos though.

Pushing to two repos

So, you got your own repo, say TomK32/RogueBeach and the OneGameAMonth/RogueBeach. Now you want to push your code to both repos everytime and not use two commands for it, and git allows you doing this adding a second remote (git help remote) and editing your .git/config:

[remote "origin"]
  url = git@github.com:OneGameAMonth/Rogue-Beach-CA.git
  url = git@github.com:TomK32/Rogue-Beach-CA.git
  fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*

Level 2

Those emails...

There will be a lot, for every new repo in the group you should get an email. It is annoying and nothing but either filtering them in your email software or changing your email for the group can help. For the later first add a new email and then change the setting in the notification center.

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