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This is the default theme for all OneGov Plone modules (

Important this package doesn't work with python 2.6, it requires at least python 2.7

Version 3.x introduces several major changes. Including a change of the default font-size to 16px. If you're going to upgrade the package from Version 2.1.x to 3.x, please do it first on a TEST environment. Changing the font-size may have a huge impact.


  • Add plonetheme.onegov to your buildout configuration:
eggs +=
  • Install the generic import profile.


  • Customize styles in control panel.
  • Responsive design for tablets and smartphones
  • Special path bar with children

Layout customizations

Theme is SCSS based and styles most things with variables which can easily be customized in a control panel.

Just visit the customization view: http://localhost:8080/Plone/customstyles_form

Here are some examples how the Layout can be customized:

Additional SCSS

You can easily register custom SCSS files in your addon package using ZCML, if you need to customize more than available through the web:


    <include package="plonetheme.onegov" />
    <theme:add_scss path="resources/custom.scss" />


The SCSS files can also be restricted to a specific context interface or a specific request layer. Be aware that the context interface applies to the context the styles are rendered on, which is either the Plone site root or an INavigationRoot object.


    <include package="plonetheme.onegov" />
        layer="my.package.interfaces.IMyPackageLayer" />


Flyout navigation

This theme comes with a flyout navigation. If you click on an element in the global navigation you get the children as a flyout navigation and also a link to go 'direct to' the element you clicked on. This behavior can be disabled in the, using the setting plonetheme.onegov.flyout_navigation.

Special path bar

For another fast way to navigate between content, this theme includes a special path bar, which shows the breadcrumb's children. This behavior can be disabled in the, using the setting plonetheme.onegov.flyout_breadcrumbs.

Special filter form

This Theme provides an alternativ search/filter mockup. The Implementation needs to be done by yourself. For an example check the Solr search form of


Known issue page-break in WebKit



This package is copyright by 4teamwork.

plonetheme.onegov is licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2.