Qt Creator Cppcheck integration plugin [deprecated]
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Qt Creator Cppcheck Integration


Plugin integrates some Cppcheck functionality into Qt Creator IDE.


  • Automatically check active project after build
  • Automatically check active project's files on save
  • Manually check any project's file
  • Display found error in task pan (with marks in editor)
  • Most settings are configurable
  • Translation support


  • Checking for unused functions prevents use of several threads and can decrease performance
  • Custom launch parameters are passing before plugin's so can take no effect


Built plugin can be downloaded from github releases.


IMPORTANT: plugin's version must match Qt Creator's version (difference in last digit is acceptable)

From source

  1. Change paths.pri:

    • set QTCREATOR_SOURCES = path to Qt Creator source dir (with qtcreator.pro)
    • set IDE_BUILD_TREE = path to compiled Qt Creator dir (with bin,lib,libexec,...)
  2. Compile plugin.

From binaries

  1. Extract/copy files from archive into Qt Creator's dir (archive already contains proper paths).
  • find QtCreator install directory
  • copy lib/qtcreator/plugins/libQtcCppcheck.so to QC_DIR's lib/qtcreator/plugins
  • copy share/qtcreator/translations/QtcCppcheck_ru.qm to QC_DIR's share/qtcreator/translations/
  1. Enable plugin in Help->Modules menu.

More info

Additional information can be obtained here (in russian)