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Updated Native iOS & Android OneSignal SDKs

  • Updated to Android OneSignal SDK 3.10.8
  • Updated to iOS SDK 2.10.0
  • Updated to the latest PlayServicesResolver
    • From to
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@Nightsd01 Nightsd01 released this Dec 10, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

Unity SDK 2.7.8 -

External User ID Support + Bug Fixes

• This update adds new methods (setExternalUserId(string) and removeExternalUserId) allowing you to target push notifications using your own custom user ID's instead of having to store OneSignal player ID's.

Android Fixes & Improvements

OneSignal Android 3.10.5 SDK

    • ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED is invalid, BOOT_COMPLETED is the correct intent action
  • Catches security exception from Job Intent Service
    • Fixes issue #673

iOS SDK Fixes & Improvements

OneSignal iOS 2.9.4 SDK

  • Small update that includes a fix for an issue that would have caused rare crashes, due to invalid HTTP request bodies being serialized into JSON
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@Nightsd01 Nightsd01 released this Nov 9, 2018 · 9 commits to master since this release

Unity SDK

• Updates the Unity Jar resolver to 1.2.95
• Includes a fix for play-services-resolver with Android
• Includes a fix for how our iOS build script was copying the notification service extension source files, also fixes issues with Windows builds not generating valid Xcode projects.

Android Fixes & Improvements

OneSignal Android 3.10.3 SDK

  • Notification Restore Improvements (PR #645)
    • Limit number of notification restored to 49
      • This is the max visible limit per app, Android omits displaying any more
      • Helps mitigate issue #644
    • Slowed Restore rate to 5 per second
    • Above 2 changes cleans up NotificationService warnings from the logcat
  • GDPR method fixes
    • Allow calling provideUserConsent before init. PR #648
    • Allow calling add observer methods before provideUserConsent(true) is called. #655
  • Fixed IllegalArgumentException thrown from JobIntentService in a specific case
    • Issue was only happening with high priority notifications that had a remote image with an app setup with a NotificationExtenderService and running on Android Oreo+, in some cases.
    • Fixes issue #649
  • Fix for OneSignalSyncServiceUtils throwing IllegalArgumentException when boot permission is removed.
  • Possible fix for rare "Package manager has died" error. PR #658

OneSignal Android 3.10.2 SDK

  • Fixed NPE with ChangeTagsUpdateHandler when a tag update results in no changes. PR #611
  • Fixed FirebaseInstanceIdService IllegalArgumentException exception
  • Fixed rare NPE Bundle error on RestoreJobService.onHandleWork. Issue #591
  • NotificationExtenderService now respects FCM High priority to wake from Dose mode. PR #640
  • Fixed fallback of medium and lower priorities of Notification Channel for pre-Oreo devices. PR #639
  • Fixed issue with disabling enableVibrate or enableSound was not respected.
    • When initializing OneSignal after Application.onCreate.
    • Note, settings only apply to Android 7.0 and older.
    • Methods will be deprecated, please migrate to Android Categories / Channels
  • Cleaned up GCM related warning in logcat when a push is received. #642
    • CANCELLED forIntent { act=... flg=0x10000000 pkg=... }

iOS Fixes & Improvements

OneSignal iOS 2.9.3 SDK

• Fixes an issue with provisional notifications (no git issue) where a user would receive a provisional notification, tap 'Keep', and then tap 'Deliver Prominently', which should cause notifications to be delivered like normal: however in previous releases notifications would have no sound/alert/badge until the app was next restarted.
• Fixes some DSYMUtil warnings developers would see in regards to our framework including debugging information. (#440)

OneSignal iOS 2.9.2 SDK

• This release fixes an iOS 12 issue where enabling "Deliver Quietly" and then opening the app would cause notifications to stop being delivered entirely.

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@jkasten2 jkasten2 released this Sep 19, 2018 · 13 commits to master since this release

Android Fix & SDK iOS Native SDK update to 2.8.8

  • Fixes missing Android OneSignalConfig folder
  • Updated iOS Native OneSignal SDK to 2.8.8
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@Nightsd01 Nightsd01 released this Aug 21, 2018 · 15 commits to master since this release

OneSignal Unity SDK 2.7.5

• Fixes an issue where the iOS build script used an API that was unavailable in Unity 2017.1, updated the build script to require 2017.2 for some functionality (Fixes #136)
• Fixes an issue where the iOS build script was not using the appropriate directory separator per platform (causing Windows iOS project generation builds to fail)

Android 3.10.1 Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixes a thread synchronization bug that in some situations could cause the main thread to lock up while waiting for a network request to finish. #587
  • Updated fix for error with startWakefulService on Oreo when sending high priority with remote urls.
  • Fixed NPE with flushBufferToDisk #513
  • Fixed idsAvailable not being called a 2nd time when registrationId was null. PR #563

iOS 2.8.6 Improvements and Fixes

• Fixes an issue (#391) that would have caused rare crashes (EXC_BAD_ACCESS) in our API client because it attempted to execute a completion block without ensuring it was non-nil, which it could be in rare circumstances.
• Fixes an issue that would occasionally cause the SDK to be unable to automatically retrieve the App Group name, which was used to enable communication between the Service Extension and the main app. The main side effect of this issue would have been inconsistent badge logic, where the SDK would not maintain a logically consistent badge count.
• Fixes other minor problems, such as a potential (but never reported) crash in setEmail(), also fixed an issue where the method that downloads attachments such as images wasn't using a double pointer to set errors that may occur during the download (common pattern in ObjC).

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@Nightsd01 Nightsd01 released this Jun 30, 2018 · 18 commits to master since this release

• This release fixes an issue with the previous release (2.7.3) causing a missing Plugins folder, causing Android builds to fail (issue #129)

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@Nightsd01 Nightsd01 released this Jun 28, 2018 · 20 commits to master since this release

• Updates Android Native SDK (to 3.9.2)
• Updates Google Jar resolver to
• Fixes some Unity Cloud Build compatibility issues (please note: we still recommend against using UCB for your app store builds, since it will not add the Extension service)
• Fixes an issue with unity rebuilds where a 'File Already Exists' error would be printed to console.
• Adds an update check dialog, which will alert you (only once) when a new update is available

OneSignal Android SDK 3.9.2

  • Fixed NPE with flushBufferToDisk #513
  • Fixed idsAvailable not being called a 2nd time when registrationId was null. PR #563
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@Nightsd01 Nightsd01 released this May 22, 2018 · 26 commits to master since this release

• Updates the iOS (2.8.5) and Android (3.9.1) native SDK's to the latest versions

iOS SDK Improvements

  • Fixes a rare concurrency issue with the SDK's HTTP client.
  • This issue would have caused exceptions when GDPR consent was revoked, or in some wrapper SDK's, early in the app lifecycle before the app ID was provided.

Android SDK Improvements

  • Fixed issue with latest Proguard causing FCM and Android Support library report as not found.
  • FCM init error when the Firebase Auth library was added to the project. PR #530
  • Fixed GoogleAPIClient not connected yet errors. Issue #509
  • Android 7.0 Bad Notification: Couldn't expand RemoteViews for: StatusBarNotification
    • Restore on app update disabled to fix issue #263
  • NPE on flushBufferToDisk. Issue #513
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@Nightsd01 Nightsd01 released this May 18, 2018 · 28 commits to master since this release

• Due to a mistake/git issue, this release should not be used as it was simply a re-release of 2.7.0. Please do not use this release.

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@Nightsd01 Nightsd01 released this May 12, 2018 · 28 commits to master since this release


  • Adds three new methods:
    • SetRequiresUserPrivacyConsent(bool) allows your application to delay the initialization of the OneSignal SDK until the user provides privacy consent using the method below. Until this happens, any calls made to the SDK will be ignored.
    • UserDidProvideConsent(bool) tells the SDK if the user has given consent. This setting is persisted (remembered) between sessions so you don't have to call it multiple times. If true, will initialize the SDK.
    • UserProvidedConsent() returns a boolean indicating if the user has given consent.
  • Also adds a new method SetLocationShared(bool) that allows you to manually disable location collection by the SDK. However, if disabled, you will not be able to use location based notifications.

Build Scripts

  • The SDK now includes a build script that will automatically configure and add a Notification Extension Service (iOS) to your project, and will automatically add required frameworks and enable the push notifications capability.
  • This improves support for Unity cloud build projects

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where setting the UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate would cause swizzling issues.
  • Fixes an issue where the automatically added extension service only targeted iPhone (not iPad)

Native Updates

Android SDK - 3.9.0
  • Now supports FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) library
  • Fixed NPE on UserState.dependValues. Issue #503
iOS SDK - 2.8.3

• The SDK will now work with media attachment URL's that don't end in file extension (ie. .jpg). If a URL is missing a file extension, it will instead use the MIME type of the asset.
• Resolves an incompatibility issue with the HelpShift iOS SDK
• Fixes an issue that caused incorrect "notification opened" events to be sent to OneSignal's backend server

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