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Tools for: downloading, parsing, manipulating .lin files (Bridge Base Online hand storage format), assessing players/pairs using various metrics, autoreverse engineer bidding systems from .lin files, calculate minimaxes, adding minimax info to .lin file comments and some more; developed in Python 3.1
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Short description of what the files contain: -definition of BridgeHand object and methods for parsing .lin files to BridgeHand objects -some tools for calculating bridge scores, minimaxes, best leads etc. those use dd solver created by Piotr Beling: -tools for auto reverse engineer biddign systems in form of Full Disclosure BBO cards; to create one you need first have list of BridgeHands then call reverse_enginner for chosen list of players and then bss_builder

-some stuff for auto downloading .lins from vugraph arcvhies page, removing comments from them (there is a lot of junk in them) etc. unforunately it doesn't automatically work on vugraph archives page; you need to remove css at the top of the page and empty lines in the middle of the file to make it workable. Input.7z is .html file readable by vuextractor which contains .lin links up to 2012

bridgecalc: -double dummy solver written by Piotr Beling; at the time it didn't have any API so I wrote methods to interpret cmd human readable output; it's used to calculate minimaxes, best leads etc etc.

-a lot of stuff to create variosu ratings like pair vs double dummy, declarer vs double dummy etc etc and then put them in table form and display;

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