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Converts LessWrong blog posts and sequences into ebook format.

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  • Supports all formats that calibre supports (that would be: epub, fb2, oeb, lit, lrf, mobi, pdb, pml, rb, pdf, snb, tcr, and txt)
  • Downloads interlinked articles
    • and adds links to them in the ebook
  • Downloads images
  • Caches articles, so that they are not loaded twice.
  • A (hopefully) friendly API


Before running, install calibre and point Path_to_ebook_convert in lw2ebook.rb to wherever ebook-convert is on your machine.

To convert\_yudkowsky\_facts/ to an epub:

ruby lw2ebook.rb epub

To convert the Zombies sequence into a mobi:

Add the URLs mentioned here to urls.txt then run:

ruby sequence.rb mobi "Zombies"
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