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The Byron project is a community-driven Ada compiler, toolchain, and IDE-system.
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The Byron Project

The Byron project is a community-driven Ada compiler, toolchain, and system all in one; its aims are:

  1. To provide a freely available and freely usable implementation of the Ada 2012 programming language.
  2. To provide a similarly free set of tools for the above.
  3. To provide a common core for the community to build tools upon, and
  4. To provide these services in a general form so that they might be extended as needed.


Currently the only available componenets are a set of generic subprograms: a "transformation" which applies alterations to its input, "translation" which takes one type and returns another, and a "pass" which applies specified transformations to the input and output of a translation.


Current Standing of the compiler:

[✓] Lexing
[✍] Parsing
[✗] Semantic Analysis
[✗] Optimizations
[✗] Code Generation


✗ — Unstarted.
✍ — In-progress.
✓ — Done; but not formally verified.
— Done & Formally Verified.


If you're interested in helping, you can fill out this form to get in contact with us and let us know where you'd be interested in helping out.

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