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Example resource gateway

This example shows the basic functionality a resource gateway should support. The project is build based on Spring Boot.

The resource gateway supports bearer token usage via the authorization header according to RFC6750. This access token is validated via the Onegini Token Server. If the access token was proven to be valid the actual resource is returned. In this example the device api of the Token Server is exposed as resource. So in this example the Token Server acts as a resource server as well.

  +-------------+                           +------------------+                                          +-----------------+                               
  | Onegini SDK | ---- (1) get devices ---> | Resource Gateway |  ---- (2) validate access token    --->  |  Token Server   |                               
  |             |                           |                  |                                          |                 |                               
  |             | <--- (6) user devices --- |                  |  <---- (3) introspection response -----  |                 |                               
  +-------------+                           +------------------+                                          +-----------------+    
                                               ^     |
                                               |     |                                                    +-----------------+ 
                                               |     +------------------- (4) get user device --------->  | Resource Server | 
                                               |                                                          | (Token Server)  | 
                                               +--------------------------- (5) user devices -----------  |                 |


Property Description
resource.gateway.tokenServer.clientId The client id of the oauth client acting as resource gateway, see Resource Gateway config
resource.gateway.tokenServer.clientSecret The client secret of the oauth client acting as resource gateway, see Resource Gateway config
resource.gateway.tokenServer.baseUri The token server base uri.
device.api.serverRoot The base uri of the resource server (Token Server in this example).
device.api.username The basic authentication username used to access the api.
device.api.password The basic authentication password used to access the api.

Building the sourcecode

mvn clean install

Run the application

You can either run the application via the Spring Boot Maven plugin or by using the jar file created while building the application.

mvn spring-boot:run


java -jar <location of the jar file>