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Humanizer is a very simple CAPTCHA method. It has a localized YAML file with questions and answers which is used to validate that the user is an actual human. Any model that includes ActiveModel::Validations should work. Our aim is to be database and mapper agnostic, so if it doesn't work for you, open an issue. Humanizer only works with Rails 3.


  1. gem install humanizer
  2. rails g humanizer

Advanced Installation

  • Install all locales: rails g humanizer --all-locales
  • Show available locales: rails g humanizer --show-locales
  • Install selected locales: rails g humanizer en fi de


  1. In your model, include Humanizer and add the #require_human_on method, example:

     class User < ActiveRecord::Base
       include Humanizer
       require_human_on :create
  2. Ask the question in the form, example:

     <%= f.label :humanizer_answer, @model.humanizer_question %>
     <%= f.text_field :humanizer_answer %>
     <%= f.hidden_field :humanizer_question_id %>
  3. If you are using attr_accessible, remember to whitelist :humanizer_answer and :humanizer_question_id.


Default translations can be found in config/locales/

You might want to add/change question and answer pairs. This can be easily done by adding/modifying entries in locales file.

Skipping validation

You might want to skip the humanizer validations on your tests or rails console.

You can just have a simple attribute on your model and use it to bypass the validation. Here's an example:

attr_accessor :bypass_humanizer
require_human_on :create, :unless => :bypass_humanizer

Now when bypass_humanizer is true, validation will be skipped.

Reloading questions

In case you want to give your users the option to change the question, there's a #change_humanizer_question method to help you.

To make sure the current question doesn't get asked again, you can pass the current question id to the method. For example:


Live sites


Humanizer is licensed under the MIT License, for more details see the LICENSE file.

Question/Answer Translations