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Drive in-browser tests with WD.
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Drive in-browser tests with WD.js.

Make sure you are running the latest node version


npm install wd-unit



Running a test!

Start by importing the required library.

var launcher = require('wd-unit');

Then you can go ahead and launch your test by running the launcher{
    runner: 'qunit',
    page: 'testpage.html',
    root: process.argv[1].slice(0, process.argv[1].lastIndexOf('/')),

Possible options are :

  • runner: Unit testing framework.
  • desired: Desired capabilities for the browser running the test.
    • Default: {browserName: 'firefox'}
  • addr: Base url with wich WD.js will work.
    • Default: 'localhost'
  • page: Test are run from this page.
    • Default: Document root.
  • root: Document root for the webserver.
    • Default: '.'
  • wd_args: Arguments to be passes to WD.js. Check out WD.js docs for more info.
    • Default: {}

Local vs. Distant content

  • Your unit test can be hosted on a distant webserver, in which case wd-unit will work with the webserver.
  • You can also work on loacl non hosted files, in this case wd-unit will run a very lightweight webserver which wd-unit will use to run tests. This webserver uses the root argument for finding content.

Currently supported frameworks

Take a look at our examples

Want more frameworks ?

Check out the wiki about writting plugins.

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