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2018 117: WebRTC leaks real IP address (or VPN IP if connected to a VPN)

Mike Tigas edited this page Jun 18, 2019 · 2 revisions

This is tracked in issue 117.

WebRTC is a browser feature that is used by websites to provide real-time communication (chatrooms, in-browser audio calls, video calls, P2P features) in a more robust way than previous browser technologies allowed.

iOS handles WebRTC connections specially, which means that these connections cannot be controlled by Onion Browser (like several other iOS-handled connections). Unfortunately, this means that all WebRTC connections will use the normal internet connection of the device -- this traffic is not routed over Tor, and any site using such features would know your real IP address.


  • If you use a VPN, the IP address revealed will be your VPN address and not your native IP address.

  • The only known way to prevent WebRTC features from being utilized is to set "Strict" security mode in Onion Browser. This will disable Javascript and prevent WebRTC code from being executed.

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