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Allow file download or opening rich content in other apps #10

S0lll0s opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Hi there!
Good work in The Browser, nur id Love take my
PDfs ans stuff with me. If you dont want/cant add a filemanager, an "open in..." button would be nice.


Will look at this and see if I can do it sometime over the next week or so. (Will especially try to get it in an update I submit next week.)

Opening PDF and other rich document types may leak data outside of Tor, however. I don't mind adding an "preview this / open in other app" feature (since "plain" PDF/DOC files would be okay to trust), but would have to definitely alert the user that this is one of the major ways to compromise yourself when using Tor.

Will probably look into using UIDocumentInteractionController for this


Copy, Save and Send on images and files a MUST. Please!!


Hi, good job for bringing TOR to iOS. Please do look into allowing "open-in" feature for at least simple files like images and PDF. Else it really incapacitates the experience. This should be a basic feature or at least placed as disclaimer on the App Store.

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