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Sometimes loses connection → becomes unable to load sites #2

mtigas opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Workaround: Force quit app (tap home to quit app, double-tap home, hold down on app icon in tray, and "delete" app) and then restart app.

Hard to recreate issue when running app for more than a few minutes.

Seems to happen regardless of if app has gone into background or if network has gone up/down. (In fact, app does send HUP to Tor in those circumstances, causing Tor to reload & build new connections.)

#3 would help (and is related), but this is a more specific issue than that.


This happens very frequently for me.

The app is in the foreground, the Auto-Lock (2 mins) kicks in, then when I go back and unlock the iPad, odds are that functionality is unrecoverable and the app needs killed. The iPad is on a solid WiFi connection.


Based on @frou and some other folks I’ve heard from, looks like this is specific to (or at least, primarily related to) auto-lock.

Manually locking and then coming back has seemed to work fine in my tests (but probably affected by some internal auto-lock timeout, too), but I’ll have to look at this more.


This definitely seems to be the case, I can confirm one, probably two iPhone 4S's losing the ability to browse after an autolock.


No need to wait for autolock. My 4S does it any time you leave the app.

@mtigas mtigas referenced this issue from a commit
@mtigas mtigas fix #3. (related to #2.) change checkTor loop to do the following:
* checkTor fires every five seconds
* when checkTor fires, it sets a 1sec timeout
* this timeout basically means that the control port is hung up (so we attempt to restart tor)

Rewrote a lot of the code that handles the "glue" between the Tor bits and the OnionBrowser iOS bits: d470cff. Currently have a minor update waiting in the review queue (submitted 9/5, probably will be through on 9/12), but I'll submit the new (1.3.0) version after that and see if that helps some.

@mtigas mtigas referenced this issue

IP address #28


Just bought the app and this is still is happening on my mini. Force-quitting seems to help.


Ditto to @jbierling. Given the page load speed of the TOR network, it's convenient to be able to put the phone down while the page loads, then pick it up again a minute or two later. Unfortunately, this often results in needing to force-quit and start all over.


Hi. It seems that this problem is still happening. Tested and verified on iOS 7.1.1 on iPhone 5s, the app still has to be forced closed and restarted should network reconnections (eg. switching from 3G to 4G) happen. No issues with phone locking though.

@mtigas mtigas referenced this issue from a commit
@mtigas mtigas show friendlier error (and option to quit) if it seems app's tor clie…
…nt has stopped working

well, i'm pretty sure this catches tor death. (ref #2)
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