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Warnings and errors:

  • Creating a column with the same name as an existing alias
  • A view and a table that share a name

Bug? Changing a proc argument list sets the ->from attribute, was producing a weird looking result.

Add ability to run diff in "incomplete" mode, which won't drop missing tables or procs. This lets you update a subset of the schema very quickly, which will be handy in development if the schema is split up into multiple files.

  • Concept of expansion and contraction migration modes:
  • Migration tool level support for migration versions that are only applied when the new version is fully applied.
  • --partial is alias for --no-drop-tables --no-drop-procs
  • Also has: --no-drop-cols
  • And --no-drop is an alias for --no-drop-tables --no-drop-procs and --no-drop-cols
  • Have --no-slow which will avoid any schema changes likely to be slow-- I think this is changing columns and adding indexes.
  • Have --no-procs and --no-tables options to skip generating proc and table changes.

Optionally push static tables into static PHP classes? Maybe...

Refactoring concerns:

  • Rename PlainSQL to something like Bare or NoMeta
  • Rename StrictSQL to something like Assert

Documentation concerns:

  • List dialects in help
  • Describe schema specifiers

Important completeness concerns:

  • Support ASC/DESC index flags

Generator features/cleanup:

  • Make generator fold expansion of UNIQUE columns back into UNIQUE column attr.
  • Make generator fold expansion of SERIAL columns back into SERIAL.

Wishlist Items:

  • Column order only changes, maybe
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