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Thoughts on how we may restructure things to support SQL dialects.

To support different SQL dialects, some restructuring of the code will be required. This will also be required in order to support generating our own SQL dialect as output. The latter is important from the point of view of reprocessing dumps.

There should be a top level object that you fetch, that is told which dialect to use.

From this object you can:

  • Construct a new schema...
  • * Create an empty schema
  • * Load a schema from a file
  • * * Either our own dialect, or a database dump. Essentially, we load the database's dialect with our extensions, then call a database specific fixup handler afterward to look for additional data, eg the SQLMETA table.
  • * Load a schema from a database
  • * * Interrogates the database for schema information, either through INFORMATION_SCHEMA or equivalent data dictionary tables or by the equivalent of 'SHOW CREATE ...' or worst case by calling the database's dump tool and parsing that output.
    • * This would also manually query the SQLMETA table for metadata. As there is a standard way of translating this back into schema attributes, what's contained here rather then being in the actual schema is arbitrary.
  • Validate a schema:

    • Move many things that produce load errors currently off into a separate validation stage-- this may mean logging warnings during load in addition to other post-load static analysis.
  • Compare two schema...

    • And generate database specific update SQL.
  • Generate SQL from a schema

  • * Either database specific...
  • * * With and without weak foreign keys
  • * Or using our own dialect
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