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Add a package-validate build step

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1 parent bb46eb7 commit 9630df971fcae6d6ce31e6caa60a29e5ee7e9054 @iarna iarna committed Apr 24, 2012
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9 Makefile
@@ -5,16 +5,19 @@ PROVE := prove -r --exec $(PHP)
-.PHONY: test install
+.PHONY: test test-verbose package-validate install uninstall
pear channel-discover ; pear install package.xml
pear uninstall OnlineBuddies/Modyllic
+ @pear package-validate package.xml | egrep -v 'Analyzing|Validation' > pvout ; grep ^Warning: pvout ; if grep ^Error: pvout; then rm pvout; exit 1; else rm pvout; exit 0; fi
+test: package-validate
$(PROVE) test
+test-verbose: package-validate
$(PROVE) -v test

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