RSVP reader for Android.
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Latest commit 4a4010f Sep 29, 2014 @OnlyInAmerica Article Sharing Changes
Always submit article reads to the Glance network for articles from
within the Glance network. e.g: If you click a story in the Digg (or
any built-in) Feed, always increment the read account for that article
and add it to the Recents and Popular Feed if appropriate.

Allow users the option to configure this behavior for articles shared
to Glance from external applications (e.g: the user’s web browser).
This option is still available under the Settings menu, but now
defaults to “ask” instead of “never”



Glance is a RSVP reader for Android 4.0.4+ (API 15). Glance also includes a curated collection of feeds for your reading pleasure thanks to work by Rich Jones. The Glance reading collection is also available at, because silly TLDs are great.

You can share URLs to Glance from your favorite web browser, or open .epubs on your device's external storage directly.

Available on Google Play under the name Glance


Lend a hand

Some quick, incomplete thoughts on what's next.


  • Find some nice monospace fonts
  • More sophisticated pivot choosing
  • Better handle "Chapters" with epublib, or some other epub library
    • This seems unreasonably hard.


  • Read text from clipboard


  1. Make sure you've installed the following from the Android SDK Manager before building:

    • Android SDK Build-tools 19.0.2
    • Android SDK tools 22.3
    • SDK Platform 19
    • Android Support Repository 4
  2. Define the ANDROID_HOME environmental variable as your Android SDK location.

    If you need help check out this guide.

  3. Build!

    To build an .apk from this directory, make sure ./gradlew is executable and run:

     $ ./gradlew assemble

    The resulting .apk will be availble in ./app/build/apk.


In no partiular order. Thanks everybody!

  • Rich Jones for adding the curated feeds & community features.
  • andrewgiang for contributing a re-usable library based on the early project, and other contributions
  • defer for refactoring that made it easier to support multiple formats
  • epublib by psiegman (LGPL)
  • rcarlsen for work adopting for Glass
  • mneimsky for work adopting for Glass