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this repository aims to show examples of data processing using python
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groundwater model
whatsapp data

Data processing examples

this repository aims to show examples of data processing using python. These examples are used in the python course developed for (Dutch).

Twitter analysis US Congres

A jupyter notebook with an analysis of twitter data from US congress members. The sentiment of the tweets from US congress members is automatically analysed. The results are shown in a plot with the daily average sentiment for the republican and democratic party. Outliers are analysed and annotations are added with the cause of the outlier.

the following sources are used for this analysis:

Whatsapp data analysis

A jupyter notebook with the analysis of a whatsapp conversation. The data was obtained by exporting a single Whatsapp chat (see I did not add the full chat to this repository because of privacy issues. I did create an anonymised pandas dataframe that you can read to reproduce my results. I left the original code for the full chat so you can read you own results.

Groundwater modelling

A jupyter notebook with the results of a simple, fictional groundwater model. To model groundwater levels over time, meteorological data from the Netherlands is used. The animation shown below shows the unusual drought the Netherlands is facing in 2018.

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