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Atramhasis is an online SKOS editor. This webapplication enables users to create SKOS vocabularies consisting of Concepts and Collections. It tries to stay close to the SKOS specification. This makes it suited for different types of vocabularies such as simple pick lists, authority files, flat lists and basic to relatively complex thesauri. For a full overview of capabilities, please consult our documentation. If you want a quick demo of what the system provides for a typical end user, have a look at the Flanders Heritage Thesaurus. This is an implementation of Atramhasis for the Flanders Heritage Agency containing several vocabularies regarding cultural heritage, such as heritagetypes, styles and cultures, materials and periods. Most of the vocabularies are in Dutch, but the interface is available in both Dutch, English and French.

All development is done through Github. If you run into bugs or would like to request a new feature, please open a Github issue. Please provide some context to your question such as the operating system, Python and Atramhasis versions you are running. If you have specific questions about the software or the datasets hosted at Flanders Heritage Thesaurus you would rather not address in a public forum, please mail us at

Contributions are welcome. This could be improvements to the code, updated documentation or adding a new translation to the User Interface. Please see our contribution guidelines to find out how we can collaborate.