A docker file containing a demo version of Atramhasis
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Atramhasis demo docker

A dockerfile to build an Atramhasis demo docker image.

Run a Atramhasis demo instance

After installing Docker for your operating system, you can simply pull the image and run a container. After executing the following commands you should be able to visit the demo application in your browser on http://localhost:6543. A LDF-server is also included in the demo and accesible on http://localhost:3000.

$ sudo docker pull atramhasis/demo
$ sudo docker run -p 6543:6543 -p 3000:3000 atramhasis/demo

Or if you wish to run a specific version (starting from atramhasis 0.6.4), you can run:

$ sudo docker pull atramhasis/demo:0.6.4
$ sudo docker run -p 6543:6543 -p 3000:3000 atramhasis/demo:0.6.4

Build and run an image

This is not necaserry if you just want to run the demo in a container. You can pull the image from https://hub.docker.com.

$ sudo docker build -t atramhasis/demo .
$ sudo docker run -p 6543:6543 -p 3000:3000 atramhasis/demo