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  • Upgrade Font Awesome to v5.8.1
  • Upgrade Ionicons to v4.5.5
  • Upgrade Material Design icons to v2.2.0



  • Fix bug in gulpfile where core was signalling completion too early.
  • Fix bug in gulpfile where distribution CSS files were output to the wrong directory.


Bug Fixes

  • ons-icon: Compile when content is ready. (#2547).
  • ons-icon: Fix bug where Font Awesome v5 styles (far, fal, fab) were being ignored.
  • ons-navigator: Fix bringPageTop not working if a page is defined inside ons-navigator tags.
  • ons-tab: Stop recreating tabs when page with tabbar is brought to top of navigator stack. (#2604).
  • ons-fab: Fix toggled/hidden fab reappears when you leave and return to its page bug. (#2558).


  • Upgrade to Gulp 4.




Bug Fixes

  • ons-list-item: Fix expandable list item not working correctly for lists inside expandable content. (#2485).
  • ons.platform.isIPhoneX: Support iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. (#2540).


  • Updated FontAwesome to 5.2.0 (#2502).


New Features

  • ons.platform: Can choose to ignore selected platform when checking what platform is e.g. ons.platform.isAndroid. (#2475).
  • ons-toolbar: Add methods to show and hide the toolbar (#2478)

Bug Fixes

  • css: Fix button style for Firefox. (#2469).
  • ons-toast: Fix app closing when toast is shown and back button is pressed (#2388)



  • Re-release of 2.10.2 due to npm package not containing minified Angular bindings (#2468). No functional changes.


Bug Fixes

  • ons-lazy-repeat: Fix dynamic adding of items (#2443)
  • ons-toast: Fix padding of Material toast (#2436)
  • ons-button: Remove dotted border on Firefox (#2408)
  • css: Fix CSS import paths (#2336, #2453)
  • ons-input: Prevent zooming of inputs on iOS (#2400)
  • ons-page: Fix page-with-bottom-toolbar not being set in some cases (#2459)


Bug Fixes

  • ons-tabbar: Fix race condition with some tabs (#2430)
  • ons-list-item: Fix expandable item breaking when compiled more than once (for example, with ng-repeat) (#2434)


New Features

  • ons.notification: Add maskColor configuration for alert, confirm and prompt (#2358)
  • ons-list-item: Add expandable list items (#2380)
  • ons-toast: Toast messages can be more than one line long (#2405)

Bug Fixes

  • onsenui.d.ts: Fixed #2354.
  • ons-toolbar: static attribute works with iOS status bar.
  • ons-pull-hook: Improve scroll behavior in UIWebView. Fixed #2353 and #2357.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed #2376.
  • ons-select: Fixed #2251 for all bindings.
  • ons-splitter-side: Fixed regression of (#2026).
  • ons-popover: Fixed incorrect placement of popover when page is not full width (#2386).


New features

  • ons-toolbar: Added new static attribute to avoid animations in the toolbar when pushing or popping pages.

Bug Fixes

  • ons-tabbar: Fixed #2316.
  • ons-tabbar: Fixed #2343.
  • ons-splitter-side: Fixed #2271.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed #2333.
  • ons-select (fastclick): Fixed #2352.
  • ons-switch: Fixed #2341.


  • core, react: Pointed reference pages to new tutorials.


Bug Fixes

  • ons-tab: Ensure click event listener is added to nested tabbars.
  • ons-navigator: It now uses default options property also for popPage.
  • ons.notification: toast method error.


New Features

  • 🎉 Use passive event listeners whenever possible. PWA score++.
  • ons-navigator: popPage method now supports options.times to pop several pages with one single animation.
  • ons-toolbar-button: Added icon attribute to automatically create an ons-icon element.

Bug Fixes

  • 🎉 fastclick: Use Onsen UI fork of FastClick. Fixes #2254, #2304.
  • ons-tab: Fixed #2307.
  • ons-list-item: Fixed #2292.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed #2286.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed #1992.
  • css-components: Fixed #2045.
  • ons.platform: Fixed #2279.
  • ons-page: Fixed #2255.
  • ons-tab: Fixed #2324.
  • ons-switch: Prevents two click events in a row when placed inside a label tag.
  • iOS scroll issues: Related #2220, #2279, #1949 - Fixed in WKWebView/iOS Safari. For UIWebView, a new ons.forceUIWebViewScrollFix() method is available which may negatively affect momentum scroll in some situations. Also, a ons-ios-scroll class is added to document.body when dialogs are visible to apply custom fixes.


  • css-components: Expose Action Sheet variables for Theme Roller.
  • ons.notification: Display error message when needed imports are missing (AlertDialog, AlertDialogButton, Toast, ActionSheet).


New Features

  • ons-list-item: Skip tappable effect on children with prevent-tap attribute or ons-* elements.
  • ons-navigator: resetToPage can now perform 'pop' animation if options.pop is true.

Bug Fixes

  • ons-carousel: Fixed #2260.
  • ons-progress-circular: Fixed #1860.
  • css/polyfills: Fixed #2266.
  • ons-ripple: The effect does not propagate to other ons-ripple parents anymore.
  • ons-carousel: Prevent error state when hidden during the first rendering.
  • angular1: ons-scope directive works when placed on the same element as var attribute.


  • Show warning when Onsen UI is loaded more than once (UMD - ESM).
  • ons-pull-hook: threshold-height is not disabled anymore when its value is lower than the height.
  • angular1: Revised the exposed DOM properties for carousel, modal, navigator, popover, pullHook, splitter, splitterSide, switch and tabbar.


New Features

  • ons-navigator: Added onSwipe property function that gets the swiped distance on drag.
  • ons-splitter-side: Added onSwipe property function that gets the swiped distance on drag.

Bug Fixes

  • ons-splitter: Fixed small glitch in 'reveal' animation.
  • ons-select: Fixed custom modifier class from select-* to select--*.
  • ons-tabbar: Fixed #2253.
  • ons-tabbar: Position 'auto' and border visibility now cares about autostyling instead of the actual platform.
  • ons-toolbar: Fix 'transparent' modifier when combined with 'material' (regression).
  • angular1: Remove element.scope() call that depends on AngularJS Debug Data.


Bug Fixes

  • css-components: Use new radial-gradient syntax to avoid prefixes.
  • ons-tabbar: Improve scrolling on devices.
  • ons-modal: Possible issue when toggling modal visibility very quickly.
  • ons-action-sheet: Small glitch when hiding on iPhone X.


New Features

  • core: The core CSS is now available without importing default icon fonts in onsenui-core.css file. This can be included instead of onsenui.css in order to reduce app size.
  • ons: Added disableIconAutoPrefix method to avoid adding fa- prefix to non-prefixed icons. This allows using custom icon packs.
  • esm: A new esm folder is available for ES Modules environments. It allows importing specific components instead of the whole bundle. See Reducing App Size section in the guide for more details.
  • angular1: ons-modal now exposes event handlers (ons-preshow, ons-postshow, ons-prehide, ons-posthide) and toggle method.

Bug Fixes

  • iPhoneX support: Fixed a glitch during push/pop animations.
  • ons-tab: Fixed #2247.
  • ons-tabbar: Fixed #2223.
  • ons-segment: Prevent possible error when linking an ons-tabbar placed at the same level.
  • ons-segment: Adjust style for plain div children (instead of button).
  • ons-list-item: Material chevron with right content. Fixed #2226.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Lists can be empty. Fixed #2232.
  • modifier: Fixed #2237.


  • 🎉 Reduced bundle size by more than 50%!


  • Internal elements location has been changed. E.g. ons.NavigatorElement is now ons.elements.Navigator. This should only affect if you were registering custom animations.
  • NavigatorTransitionAnimator has been renamed to NavigatorAnimator like all the other animators. This should only affect if you were registering custom animations.
  • core-src directory has been removed. esm can be used instead. This should only affect if you were manually importing specific components instead of the whole bundle.


Bug Fixes

  • core: Fixed glitch in nested <ons-page>. Fixed #2231.


New Features

  • css-components: Added --tap-highlight-color variable for -webkit-tap-highlight-color CSS property.
  • ons-bottom-toolbar: Added aligned modifier.

Bug Fixes

  • css-components: Added word-wrap: break-word; to .card. Fixed #2244.
  • css-components: Fixed position of .toast in onsflag-iphonex-portrait mode.
  • core: Fix template scripts on Firefox.
  • core: Fixed glitch in nested <ons-page>. Fixed #2231. (incomplete)


  • css-components: Made it easy to override user-select. Fixed #2227.


New Features

  • 🎉 css-components: Supported iPhone X with html[onsflag-iphonex-portrait] and html[onsflag-iphonex-landscape] flags.
  • css-components: Added iOS & Material dark color scheme available as dark-onsen-css-components.css.
  • css-components: Refined the css-components previewer located in css-components-src.
  • core: Supported iOS 11.
  • ons.mockStatusBar: Now can also show Android's status bar.
  • ons.platform: Added isIPhoneX(), isIOSSafari(), isUIWebView() and isWKWebView().

Bug Fixes

  • css-components: Fixed usage of alpha function. Fixed #2220.
  • css-components: Fixed wrong margin of .action-sheet and .action-sheet-button.
  • css-components: Fixed style of .list-title.
  • core: Changed to disable FastClick when it isn't needed. Fixed #2000.
  • core: Fixed ons-loading-placeholder attribute broken on iOS 11.
  • ons-page: Minor issue with status bar when the page is moved in DOM.
  • ons-splitter: Correctly set content width on inital split mode. Fixed #2205.
  • ons-tabbar, ons-carousel: Can now be displayed inside dialogs/modals.
  • ons-tabbar: Resizing window while tabbar is not visible should not update the tabbar.
  • dialogs: Prevent scrolling behind dialog masks due to iOS bug. Fixed #2220.
  • deviceBackButton: Fixed #2215.
  • templates: Firefox issue. Fixed #2216.


  • core: Auto status bar fill for iOS 7+ WebView is now automatically disabled on iPhone X WebView.


  • css-components: Refined iOS & Material color schemes.
    • The previous color schemes are now available as css/old-onsen-css-components.css.


Bug Fixes

  • GestureDetector: Fixed findIndex issue on Android 4.4.4.
  • templates: Fixed #2163.
  • ons-tabbar: Fixed #2189.
  • ons-tabbar, ons-tab: Fixed several issues on iOS 8.
  • ons-toolbar: Fixed position with cover-content modifier and iOS status bar in nested pages.
  • ons-page: Ensure status-bar-fill is only added to one page.


New Features

  • core: Added ons-segment element.
  • angular1: Added ons-segment bindings.
  • ons: Added mockStatusBar utility to create a fake iOS status bar for browser testing.
  • ons-pull-hook: Added onPull property function that gets the pulled distance on drag.
  • ons-carousel: Added onSwipe property function that gets the swiped distance on drag.
  • 🎉 ons-tabbar: Tabbar can now be swiped to change pages. swipeable attribute enables this feature.

Bug Fixes

  • core: Device Back Button handler timing issue.
  • GestureDetector: Fixed memory leak from Hammer.js v1.
  • templates: Fixed a bug where script tags might not be ready on time.
  • autoStyle: Fixed #2171.
  • inputs: Accept required attr. Fixed #2169.
  • ons-pull-hook: Different glitches on both iOS and Android. Fixed #1990.
  • ons-list-item: nodivider modifier should not hide chevron.
  • ons-list-item: Fixed #2150.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed #2167.
  • ons-navigator: iOS slide animation with transparent toolbars glitch.
  • ons-tabbar: Hide 1px line between toolbar and top tabbar in some Android devices.
  • ons-modal: Fixed #2066.
  • ons-toolbar: cover-content modifier works with iOS status bar.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed an animation glitch on iOS due to the cubic Bézier curve.
  • ons-splitter: Translate3d glitch when opening with reveal animation.


  • Updated type definitions.
  • modifier classes are restored when class attribute is modified.
  • ons-tab: The first tab will be activated if the active attribute is not provided in any tab.
  • ons-carousel: Improved performance. Animation timing has been adjusted to prevent issues on iOS.


  • ons-tabbar, ons-carousel: DOM structure has been modified. It should not affect except if you manually modify innerHTML.
  • ons-tabbar: Due to the new swipeable feature, slide animation is now performed by default unless it is disabled with animation="none" attribute. fade animator has also been removed (incompatible).
  • ons-tab: Removed undocumented ons-tab-active and ons-tab-inactive attributes (from Onsen UI v1).


Bug Fixes

  • ons-speed-dial-item: Apply Material Design style correctly.
  • ons-splitter-side: Fixed #2026.
  • Fixed glitch during push/pop animation when iOS status bar is visible.


  • modifiers: internal modifiers are automatically restored when anything removes them.
  • docs: Added missing modifiers and attributes.


Bug Fixes

  • ons-navigator: Ignore swipes on back buttons.
  • ons-pull-hook: After popPage transition style fix.
  • ons-tabbar: Minor issue fixed to improve compatibility with external routers.


  • ons.getScriptPage: Added new method as a shortcut to get the current page and attach lifecycle hooks.


Bug Fixes

  • onsenui.min.css: Restore 'import' statements.
  • ons-navigator: Swipe-to-pop animation glitch.
  • ons-range: Fixed ripple effect when min attr is provided.


New Features

  • core: Added ons.modifier object with a new set of methods to alter modifier attributes.
  • 🎉 ons-navigator: iOS Swipe-to-pop feature.
  • ons-modal: Added lift animation (#2078).
  • ons-toolbar: New cover-content modifier. Should be combined with transparent modifier.

Bug Fixes

  • css-components, ons-list-item: Fixed #2100.
  • ons-list: Fixed double top border when located right under toolbar.
  • ons-carousel: Ignores swipes that start outside carousel.
  • Swipeable components: Swipe is now smoother.
  • Swipeable components: Fixed compatibility of some swipeable components.


  • core css: Add minimized core css file build/css/onsenui.min.css.
  • css-components: Adjusted font size of .back-button__label (improves iOS slide animation).
  • ons-back-button: Replace font icons with SVG icons.
  • Added ons-alert-dialog-button elements.
  • Added size attribute on ons-ripple elements.
  • Added ripple effects properly on ons-range, ons-checkbox, ons-radio, ons-toolbar-button, ons-back-button and ons-alert-dialog-button elements for Material Design.


New Features

  • ons-fab: Added new appearances for iOS.
  • ons-ripple: Added size attribute.

Bug Fixes

  • Revert a recent change that creates ons-tabbar issues. Fixed #2082.


Bug Fixes

  • ons.notification.prompt: Only returns input value if the clicked button is primary. Otherwise, returns null. Fixed #2050.
  • ons-input, ons-search-input: Fixed #2075.
  • ons-icon: Its class attribute is now recovered after modifications.


  • css-components: Removed .text-input--transparent modifier (same as default style).


New Features

  • core: Separated files are now cached after the first request. This improves performance when pushing pages.
  • core: Added ons.preload method to manually cache templates. This improves performance when pushing pages.
  • 🎉 core: Support for HTMLTemplateElement (<template>). The former <ons-template> is still supported for backward compatibility.
  • core: Added page life-cycle hooks (similar to life-cycle events). <template> elements allow <script> tags in their content, which is useful for initialising pages. Therefore, hooks like pageElement.onInit, pageElement.onShow, etc. have been added.
  • ons-progress-bar, ons-progress-circular: Added new appearances for iOS.

Bug Fixes

  • css-components: Fixed incorrect image path (select, search input).
  • ons-tabbar, ons-lazy-repeat, ons-carousel: ons-tabbar now applies visibility:hidden instead of display:none to pages. This fixes issues for ons-lazy-repeat and ons-carousel inside ons-tabbar.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed #2065.


  • css-components: Refined the appearance of checkbox on iOS.
  • css-components: Refined the appearance of radio-button on iOS.
  • css-components: Refined the appearance of button on Android.
  • css-components: Refined the appearance of progress-bar on Android.
  • css-components: Refined the appearance of progress-circular on Android.
  • css-components: Refined the appearance of checkbox animation on Android.
  • css-components: Refined the appearance of list-item--chevron.
  • core: Updated font-awesome icon library.
  • ons-toast: Improved ascend animator performance.


  • ons-input: It has been split into different elements: ons-input for text types; ons-checkbox for checkboxes; ons-radio for radio buttons; and ons-search-input for styled search inputs.
    • <ons-input type="radio" checked> => <ons-radio checked>


New Features

  • onsenui.d.ts: Enabled import * as ons from 'onsenui'; in TypeScript.
  • onsenui.d.ts: Added definitions for Onsen UI 2.3.x.


  • core: Added warning which is shown when Onsen UI is loaded more than once.


New Features

  • css-components: Added --material modifier on notification CSS components.

Bug Fixes

  • ons-page: Fixed iOS status-bar-fill not added in initially opened modals (#1944).
  • ons-splitter: Fixed reveal animation glitch.
  • ons-action-sheet: Fixed glitch when hiding on iOS.


  • css-components: Refined the appearance of select. Fixed #2017.
  • css-components: Refined the appearance of range on iOS.
  • core: Excluded test cases from onsenui package.



  • Remove module property from package.json temporarily.


New Features

  • css-components: Added action-sheet component.
  • css-components: Added toast component.
  • css-components: Added card component.
  • css-components: Added segment component.
  • core: Added ons-action-sheet and ons-action-sheet-button elements.
  • core: Added ons-toast element.
  • core: Added ons-card element.
  • core: Added new method ons.openActionSheet(...) for creating inline ons-action-sheet elements.
  • core: Added new method ons.notification.toast(...) for creating inline and queued ons-toast elements.
  • core: Added new method ons.createElement(...) that allows creating new elements from templates or inline HTML.
  • core: onsenui is now available as ES Modules.
  • core: A fake device back button event is now fired on ESC press.
  • ons-navigator: Added removePage method.
  • ons-input: Added styling support for type='search'.
  • angular1: Added ons-action-sheet bindings.
  • angular1: Added ons-toast bindings.
  • angular1: Added ons-card bindings.
  • angular1: Added ons-list-title bindings.

Bug Fixes

  • css-components: Fixed color of range component in Firefox. Fixed #1964.
  • core: Fixed broken sourcemap of onsenui.js (#1958).
  • ons-carousel: Fixed #1952.
  • ons-carousel: refresh event is now triggered when resized.
  • ons-dialog: Fixed disabled attribute.
  • ons-dialog: Fixed mask-color attribute.
  • ons-splitter: Fixed animation attribute issue.
  • angular1: Page loader now throws destroy event when page is unloaded.
  • angular1: should now be ready by the time the controller runs. Fixed #1854.



  • ons-navigator: Removed options.refresh. prepop event and removePage can be used instead.
  • ons-template, external files: ons-page tag is not added automatically anymore as a wrapper of the target template. It must be manually specified.
  • ons.createDialog, ons.createPopover, ons.createAlertDialog: Tags like <ons-dialog>, <ons-alert-dialog> or <ons-popover> are not added automatically anymore to the target template, they must be manually specified instead.
  • ons.notification: Canceled notifications do not reject the returned promise anymore. Instead, when canceled they resolve to -1 for alert and confirm, or null for prompt.
  • angular1: Removed onsSlidingMenu and onsSplitView directives.


Bug Fixes

  • ons-splitter: Fixed timing for initial animations in bindings (#1979, #1985).
  • ons-tabbar: Minor fix for situations where the '.page__content' is provided (#1978).
  • ons-input: Fixed #1974.
  • Device back button: Fixed possible crash in old platforms (#1983).


New Features

  • css-components: Added list-title component (#1960).
  • core: Added ons-list-title element.
  • ons-splitter: Added push and reveal animations (#1916).

Bug Fixes

  • core: Polyfill Set and Map in order to support old browsers (#1967).
  • ons-navigator: Discard toolbars inside tabbars for ios-slide.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed #1952.
  • ons-pull-hook: Fixed #1970.
  • angular1: Page loader now throws destroy event when page is unloaded (#1934).
  • angular1: should now be ready by the time the controller runs. Fixed #1854.


  • Restored bower.json.
  • Refactored ons-alert-dialog, ons-dialog, ons-modal and ons-popover (#1935).


Bug Fixes

  • core: Fixed broken parts of CE1 polyfill which caused a broken behavior of vue-onsenui (#1925).
  • ons-splitter-content: Fixed #1772 and #1930.
  • ons-input: Added initial date value support. Fixed #1603.
  • ons-switch: Fixed #1920.
  • ons-progress-circular: Fixed #1921.


  • Removed bower.json.


Bug Fixes

  • core: Improve overall stability of the core on iOS by replacing Custom Elements v1 polyfill (#1892).


New Features

  • angular1: ons-back-button default behavior is now overriden if ng-click is provided (#1749).

Bug Fixes

  • css-components: Fixed #1896.
  • core: Use self in setImmediate polyfill (#1903).
  • core: Make ons.platform.isSafari() compatible with Safari 10 (#1910).
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Fixed #1899 and #1871.
  • ons-splitter: Overlay animation correctly hides mask when entering split mode if the menu was visible before.
  • angular1: Fixed #1884.


New Features

  • css-components: Add minimized css-components file on build/css/onsen-css-components.min.css.

Bug Fixes

  • ons-navigator: iOS Slide animation can now find toolbars that are not immediate children of the pages.
  • ons-splitter: mask is hidden only if all splitter-sides are in split mode.
  • ons-tab: It shows the last visible page instead of the initial one when reattached.
  • ons-pull-hook: Its content is not visible anymore during toolbar transitions.
  • ons-fab: It is now initally hidden and shown only when its page container is pushed. This fixes page transitions.
  • ons-fab: Covers the toolbar.
  • ons-fab: Hide animation on popPage is now visible.
  • ons-speed-dial: Hide items animation on popPage is now visible.
  • ons-input: text selection in Firefox.
  • ons-icon: Fixed #1890.


  • css-components: Refactored some components.


New Features

  • ons-switch: Supports value attribute.
  • ons-tab: Supports active-icon attribute.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Support for dynamic height.
  • angular1: Add onsSelect directive working with ngModel.

Bug Fixes

  • css-components: Fixed broken popover components.
  • css-components: Fixed #1653.
  • core: Fix autoprefixer settings for onsenui.css.
  • core: Fixed #1700.
  • ons-select: Fix width of the inner element.
  • ons-dialog: Fix broken default and slide animation in iOS 9 and iOS 10.
  • ons-popover: Fixed behavior on device back button.
  • ons-splitter: Checks if content exists before removing.
  • ons-carousel: Supports animation attribute.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Clean first item scope.
  • ons-progress-circular: Fixed #1860.
  • ons.notification: Fixed #1787.
  • ons-row: Fixed #1858.
  • angular1: number input retains number type variable with ngModel.
  • angular1: Fixed #1843.
  • angular1: Fixed #1799.


  • css-components: Refactored range components.
  • ons-template: Show warning when ons-template is not located just under document.body.
  • ons-navigator: Added deprecate warning for options.refresh.
  • angular1: Added deprecate warnings to ons-sliding-menu and ons-split-view.


  • css-components: Dropped all stylus and rebuild css-components with cssnext.
  • css-components: Renamed .tab-bar to .tabbar.
  • css-components: Renamed .navigation-bar to .toolbar.
  • css-components: Renamed .list__item to .list-item.
  • css-components: Renamed .list__header to .list-header.
  • css-components: Changed .button-bar__item > input to .button-bar__input.
  • ons-tabbar: loadPage method has been deprecated.
  • ons-popover: Changed internal DOM structure.
  • ons-range: Changed internal DOM structure.


  • core: Add new component ons-select.
  • core: All component classes exposes event list with static getter events.
  • ons-navigator, ons-page: Fixed the issue that pushed options is always empty on Angular2-binding and macOS Safari.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed #1726.
  • ons-navigator: Animations block the interaction.
  • ons-navigator: Fix ternary operator error on options.leavePage.
  • ons-splitter: Add side property.
  • ons-splitter: Check content before hide/destroy.
  • ons-tab: Default click behavior can be overwritten by setting onClick property.
  • ons-tabbar: Add show method, hide method and visible property.
  • ons-dialog, ons-alert-dialog, ons-popover: User created dialogs are not moved inside page content.
  • ons-popover: show supports
  • ons-speed-dial: show, hide, showItems, hideItems, toggle and toggleItems now return Promise.
  • ons-fab: Execute and some statements before contentReady.
  • angular1: Fix load method of ons-splitter-content.


  • ons-input: Deprecate content-left attribute.
  • css-components: Rename undocumented modifier one to rowfooter.


  • core: Changed all elements to have default className token always. Fixed #1711.
  • ons-switch: Fix disbled to disabled.
  • angular1: Fix #1677.
  • ons-tabbar: Fix #1654.
  • ons-input: Fix float attribute style.
  • ons-input: Added transparent modifier for Material Design.
  • ons-modal: Pages inside modal throw show and hide events.
  • ons-page: Fixed infinite scroll for iOS.
  • core: All animators are extendable.
  • angular1: $event in event handlers is not empty anymore.
  • core: Remove Windows Phone 10+ support temporarily.
  • ons-carousel: initial-index works when the carousel is inside ons-navigator.
  • ons-switch: Always triggers custom events and stops propagation from inner element events.
  • ons-tab: Throws verbose error if cannot create pageElement.
  • ons-dialog: Fix broken dialog animation on iOS 9.x and 10.x caused by dialog-container class.


  • angular1: Fix issue in event removal.
  • ons-pull-hook: Fixed bug where ons-pull-hook does not work when we swipe up/down a screen too fast.
  • ons-tab: Fixed #1593.
  • core: Use yarn for dependency management.



  • ons-switch: Fix regression where change event was not being triggered in some cases.
  • angular1: Fix #1609.
  • ons-toolbar: transparent modifier supports MD.
  • ons-toolbar-button: Style refactor.
  • ons-navigator: Fix show-init event order.
  • ons-tab: Add badge attribute to display notification on tab.
  • ons.notification: Added options.inputType and options.class.
  • ons.notification: Fix #1638.
  • ons.notification: Fixed memory leak.
  • angular1: Fix #1620.
  • ons-icon: Fix #1636.
  • ons-tabbar, ons-tab: Fix #1584, #1629.
  • angular1: Fix minor memory leak in Navigator.
  • ons-splitter: Fix #1605.
  • core: Fix #1646.


  • angular1: Fix #1588.
  • ons.notification: Fix #1595.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Fix #1613.
  • core: Removed all _compiled attributes.
  • core: Disabled native Custom Elements v1 implementations.


  • ons-splitter-side: Fix attribute watchers.
  • ons-range: Fix #1554.
  • ons-page: Fixed dependency problem between ons-page and ons-toolbar.
  • ons-ripple: Fix timing issue on older Android WebViews.
  • core: Replace Promise polyfill to avoid Webpack warning.


  • ons-navigator: Fixed a bug that caused missing .page__content on Safari.
  • angular1: Use the $templateCache service.
  • ons-splitter: Fix #1537.
  • core: Update to Custom Elements v1.
  • ons-navigator: Provides animators and allows to extend them.


  • core: Update Typescript definitions.


  • ons-splitter-side, ons-splitter-content: Added "page" and "pageLoader" property. Changed to use page-loader instead of ons._internal.getPageHTMLAsync().
  • ons-navigator: Added "page" and "pageLoader" property. Changed to use page-loader instead of ons._internal.getPageHTMLAsync().
  • ons-tabbar, ons-tab: Added "page" and "pageLoader" property. Changed to use page-loader instead of ons._internal.getPageHTMLAsync().
  • core: Added ons.defaultPageLoader and ons.PageLoader.
  • ons-page: Changed to accept ".content" and ".background" elements as child contents.
  • ons-modal: Fix #1433.
  • ons-navigator: Improved iOS slide animation (again).
  • ons-icon: Fix #1352.
  • ons-pull-hook, ons-carousel: Fix #1004.
  • ons-fab: Fix #1496.
  • ons-list-item: Fix #1499
  • ons-tabbar: Fix #1501
  • ons-navigator: Fix #1512. This changes pages property from an HTMLCollection to an Array.
  • ons-page, ons-toolbar, ons-bottom-toolbar, ons-modal, ons-speed-dial: Improved location logic
  • ons-fab: Now stays outside of .page__content when it has a position attribute.
  • ons-modal: Fix #1511.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Expose refresh() method to user through delegate object.
  • ons-pull-hook: Remove DOM mutations to make it easier to integrate with frameworks and libs.
  • ons-tab: Fix #1528.
  • ons-navigator: data object for popPage.


  • ons-navigator: Improved iOS slide animation. Fix #1457.
  • ons.platform: Fix #1482.
  • ons-modal: Support showing on init.
  • ons-speed-dial: Add bindings for AngularJS 1.x.
  • ons-fab: Add bindings for AngularJS 1.x.
  • ons-pull-hook: Fix flickering on iOS.


  • core: Update TypeScript definitions.


  • ons-dialog: Fix Chrome issue with invalid event name.


  • core: Added type definitions.
  • ons-switch: Fix #1464.
  • ons-splitter: Fix #1392.


  • core: Added binding for Angular2.
  • ons-input: Fix value property bug for radio and checkbox.
  • ons-navigator: Fix #1449.
  • ons-popover: Fix #1450.
  • ons-navigator: Fix #1389.
  • ons-popover: Fix #1388.
  • ons-navigator: Fix #1430.
  • ons-splitter-side: Use imported orientation object instead of global.
  • ons-navigator: Fix #1453.


  • ons-navigator: Fix #1440.
  • ons-toolbar, ons-speed-dial: Fix #1441.
  • ons-splitter-side: Fix _width property.
  • css-components: Fixed list divider modifiers for MD.
  • ons-pull-hook: Fix #1444.


  • ons-popover: Fix iOS glitch.
  • ons-fab: Fix issue where element was not shown correctly in React.


  • core: Fixed #845.
  • ons-pull-hook: Add React compatibility.


  • ons-carousel: Support ng-repeat in Angular1 bindings.
  • ons-carousel: Fix #1168.
  • ons-switch: Trigger change event only once.
  • ons-bottom-toolbar: Correctly register element. Fix #1426.
  • ons-pull-hook: Fix #1415.
  • ons-navigator: Add onDeviceBackButton property.
  • ons-fab: Show button by default.


  • ons-page: Change to fill page background element if there is only .page__content element in ons-page.
  • ons-splitter: 'load' methods return promises in Angular1 bindings.
  • ons-navigator: Fix 'popPage' with 'refresh' parameter.
  • ons-dialog: Make ons-dialog angular2 compatible.
  • ons-speed-dial, ons-speed-dial-item: Removed _compiled attribute.
  • ons-speed-dial: Make ons-speed-dial elements angular2 compatible.
  • ons-carousel: Fix #1423.
  • core: Create unified onDeviceBackButton API for alert-dialog, dialog, modal, page, popover, splitter.


  • ons-dialog: Make ons-dialog angular2 compatible.
  • ons-speed-dial, ons-speed-dial-item: Removed "_compiled" attribute.
  • ons-speed-dial: Make ons-speed-dial elements angular2 compatible.
  • css-components: Fix material list item paddings.
  • ons-list: Fix #1401.
  • ons-range: Fix #1391.
  • ons-carousel: Fix #1404.
  • ons-speed-dial: Add isOpen() method.
  • ons-speed-dial: Emit open and close events.
  • ons-speed-dial: Block clicks when hidden.
  • ons-splitter: Correctly import dependency.
  • css-components: Fix border of inline list.
  • css-components: Refine style of list item title and subtitle.
  • ons-toolbar: Fix #1419.
  • css-components: Refine default paddings of list items.
  • ons-back-button: Add onClick property.


  • ons-input: Fix to input-id attribute.


  • core: Support creation with document.createElement for several components.
  • ons-navigator: Support changing the animation attribute dynamically.
  • ons-dialog: Support changing the animation attribute dynamically.
  • ons-alert-dialog: Support changing the animation attribute dynamically.
  • ons-popover: Fix shadow glitch.


  • ons-tab: Fix dynamic icon and label attributes.


  • ons-input: Fix behavior of checked attribute.
  • ons-popover: Fix glitch on iOS for bottom popover.
  • core: Fix #1340 (auto status bar fill issue).


  • ons-carousel: Fix rendering glitch on Android 4.1.
  • core: Fix broken validation on Android 4.1.
  • ons-pull-hook: Update API (property onAction instead of setActionCallback method).


  • vendor: Add MutationObserver polyfill for older webviews.
  • ons-page: Fix #1359.


  • ons-lazy-repeat: Fixes issue on Safari.


  • ons-alert-dialog: Only compile once. This fixes issue with ons.notification in Firefox.
  • css-components: Refine tab style.


  • core: Fixed forcePlatformStyling.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed an issue where 'show' event could be fired before 'init'.
  • ons-page: Removed unnecessary '' parameter.


  • core: Expose FastClick instance as ons.fastClick.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed a bug where popPage always showed the default animation.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed md-lift-animator.
  • ons-navigator: Removed small delay after Lift animators.
  • css-components: Fixed issue with list item using both "chevron" and "longdivider" modifiers.
  • core: Fixed an issue preventing users from selecting text in inputs and textareas.
  • ons-carousel: Added auto-refresh attribute.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed an issue causing improper carousel size when used with angular and ons-navigator.
  • ons-icon: Delete attribute flip from ons-icon (obsolete, since everything can be done with rotate)
  • ons-list-item: Make the attribute tappable a boolean and add attribute tap-background-color
  • ons-alert-dialog: Fixed #1347.
  • ons-progress-bar, ons-progress-circular: Add value, secondaryValue and indeterminate properties.
  • ons-pull-hook: Add state, pullDistance, height, thresholdHeight and disabled properties.
  • ons-alert-dialog, ons-dialog, ons-popover, ons-modal: Updated API (disabled, visible, onDeviceBackButton properties).
  • ons-page: Update API (disabled, onDeviceBackButton properties, on-device-back-button and ng-device-back-button attributes).
  • ons-splitter: Renamed property deviceBackButton to a onDeviceBackButton.
  • ons-button, ons-ripple: Update API (disabled property).
  • ons-speeddial: Updated API (disabled, visible, inline properties).
  • ons-switch: Updated API (disabled, checked, checkbox properties).
  • ons-splitter-side: Changed isOpen to a property.
  • ons-navigator: Removed old angular methods (getPages, getBackButtonHandler).
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Removed setDelegate in favor of the delegate property.
  • ons-range: Fixes memory leak in AngularJS bindings.
  • ons-toolbar-button: Add disabled property.
  • css-components: Fixes list layout glitch on older Android devices.


  • ons-splitter: Fixed memory leak.
  • ons-page: Fixed #1315.
  • ons-icon: Accepts two icon values at once for Auto Styling.
  • ons-tab: Fix glitch where content was removed during <ons-navigator> slide animation.
  • ons-splitter: Fix default side and swipe-target-width.
  • ons-carousel: Update API.
  • ons-icon: 'spin' attribute does not require boolean values anymore.
  • core: Fix DeviceBackButton dispatcher for pages containing SVG elements.
  • ons-navigator: Changed part of the API.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed #1324, #1325.


  • core: Small fix for Autostyling.
  • ons-list-item: Fix "tappable" attribute.
  • ons-navigator: Added default options poperty.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed flickering in Lift animation for iOS.
  • ons-page: Does not remove 'style' attribute anymore.
  • ons.notification: Fixed an issue in iOS related to CustomElements.
  • ons.ready: Waits for WebComponentsReady event instead of DOMContentLoaded.
  • ons-icon: Fixed a bug in old Android versions.
  • ons-page: Add onInfiniteScroll functionality #1165.
  • ons-bottom-toolbar: Fixed a bug making it scroll with the content in some cases.
  • ons-carousel: Added centered attribute.
  • ons-popover: Added material popover.
  • ons-splitter: Fixed #1300.
  • ons-list-item: Fix chevron position when list content is large.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Auto calculate item height if no information is provided.
  • ons-carousel: Removes event listeners if it's not swipeable.
  • ons-splitter: Update API.


  • core: Automatic Styling feature depending on current platform.
  • core: Fixed #1181.
  • ons-fab: Fixed #1192.
  • ons-tabbar: Correctly applies animation-options.
  • ons-popover: Correctly applies animation-options.
  • ons-alert-dialog: Correctly applies animation-options.
  • ons-navigator: Closes #1208.
  • ons-carousel: Accepts animation-options.
  • core: Async methods return promises. Closes #1054.
  • ons-if: Added new conditional component with platform and orientation attributes.
  • ons-navigator: New Lift and Fade animators that match Material Design styles.
  • ons-input: Extended component to support type checkbox and radio.
  • ons-ripple: Can be added by using ripple attribute.
  • ons-tab: Tabs are always persistent.
  • ons-ripple: Improve ripple effect. Closes #1193.
  • ons-switch: Switch is now draggable.
  • core: Use a global gesture detector to improve performance.
  • ons-splitter-side: Fixed #1222.
  • css-components: Improve list item style.
  • ons.notification: Closes #1127.
  • ons-splitter: Improved performance and fixed minor bugs.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Fixed [#1236, #1029, #470], and #1035.
  • ons-input: Transparent style is now default in iOS (removed 'transparent' modifier).
  • ons-input: Update Angular bindings to work better with checkboxes and radio buttons.
  • ons-switch: Fix so it works inside a element.
  • ons-ripple: Attach event listeners to parent to avoid blocking cliks.


  • css-components: Add San Francisco font for iOS9 devices.
  • css-components: Fixed #1162.
  • ons-input: Add "ons-input" component and remove "ons-material-input" component.
  • ons-range: Add "ons-range" component.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed #1175.
  • ons-tabbar: Fixed #1184.


  • core: Add link to library in package.json for browserify, etc.


  • ons-tabbar: Fixed #1132.
  • ons-tabbar: no-reload is now the default behavior.
  • ons-ripple: Fixed #1140.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed Fade animator export.
  • ons-material-input: Make it resizable.
  • Added ons-lazy-repeat custom element.
  • core: Use rollup.js for bundling.
  • ons-tabbar: Fixed #1158.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Remove "display: block" rule for Angular bindings.


  • core: Fixed animationOptions parsing.
  • ons-back-button: Add "material" modifier.
  • ons-range: Fixed #1082.
  • ons-popover: Added callback for show and hide methods.
  • ons-back-button: Accepts options object. Fixed #1040.
  • ons-list-item: Fixed "tappable" modifier behavior on iOS. Fixed #740.
  • core: Implemented ES6 imports.
  • css-components: Fixed flexbox for MD styles in toolbar.
  • core: Fixed #1085
  • ons-alert-dialog: [BC] Changed DOM structure to improve performance. Fixed #1008.
  • ons-dialog: [BC] Changed DOM structure to improve performance.
  • ons-dialog, ons-alert-dialog, ons-popover: removed iOS shadow to match the original.
  • Changed the directory structure.
  • ons-list-item: Add "tappable" attribute.
  • ons-list-item: Add child classes to make it easier to compose lists.


  • css-components: Adjust Material navbar layout.


  • ons-fab: Fix broken layout on Safari.
  • ons-toolbar: Improve layout of material toolbar.
  • ons-progress: Splitted into two different components ons-progress-bar and ons-progress-circular.
  • css-components: Added material modifier on tab-bar components.
  • css-components: [BC-BREAK] Removed android modifier on all components.
  • css-components: iOS toggle switch style updated.
  • ons-tabbar: Add "material" modifier.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Fix broken _currentPageUrl property.
  • core: Fix status bar filling on iOS when using device plugin.
  • css-components: Fix Material navbar title on iOS.


  • core: Added more customizable animations.
  • core: [BC Break] Changed interfaces for registering custom animators on ons-navigator, ons-dialog, ons-alert-dialog, ons-dialog, ons-sliding-menu, ons-popover and ons-tabbar.
  • core: Removed unneeded iScroll library.
  • ons-scroller: [BC Break] Removed undocumented attributes and simplified DOM structure in ons-scroller elements.
  • ons-button: [BC Break] Removed animation feature and related attributes.
  • ons-modal: Added animations and animation options.
  • ons-alert-dialog: Added submitOnEnter parameter for ons.notification.prompt().
  • ons-list-item: Added tight modifier.
  • ons-if-platform: Supports multiple space separated values.
  • ons-pull-hook: Added getPullDistance, getHeight, getThresholdHeight methods.
  • ons-pull-hook: Added fixed-content attribute.
  • ons.platform: Added select method to force a rendering platform.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Now supports ngController directive.
  • ons-split-view: Now support ngController directive.
  • ons-tabbar: Added 'slide' animation.
  • ons: Added disableAnimations and enableAnimations to control animations display.
  • ons-loading-placeholder: Added ons.resolveLoadingPlaceholder() to delay resolving the placeholder.
  • ons-page: [BC Break] Removed undocumented several methods on ons-page component.
  • css-components: Stylus components don't rely on custom functions anymore.
  • ons-navigator: Added options.refresh parameter for popPage().
  • ons-carousel: Carousel will now apply the specified padding to the items.
  • ons-icon: Fixed #687.
  • ons-icon: Fixed #688.
  • ons-page: Added page life cycle events.
  • ons-list-item: Added lock-on-drag attribute to prevent vertical scrolling when user pans left or right.
  • ons-modal: Added isShown() method.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed insertPage() behaviour with high or low indexes.
  • ons-tabbar: Fixed callback in setActiveTab() method.
  • ons-tabbar: persistent tabs only throw 'init' event once.
  • core: every child element will be wrapped inside an ons-page.
  • ons-page: added page lifecycle events API
  • ons-splitter: Added ons-splitter, ons-splitter-side, ons-splitter-content and ons-splitter-mask custom elements.
  • ons-fab: Implemented 'fab' component.
  • core: Added page attribute expressions.
  • ons.notification: Added defaultValue, placeholder and autofocus options to prompt.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Fixed #879
  • ons-navigator: Added bringPageTop() method.
  • ons-carousel: Added getCarouselItemCount() method.
  • core: Add ons-scope Angular directive to allow not binding component to $rootScope.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Add reload() method to delegate object to enable manual reloading.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Fix layout of list when it's not placed on top of page.
  • ons-speed-dial: Implemented <ons-speed-dial> component.
  • ons-alert-dialog: Added "material" modifier.
  • ons-button: Added "material" modifier.
  • ons-dialog: Added "material" modifier.
  • ons-icon: Added "md-" prefix and support for material icon font.
  • ons-material-input: Added material input component with floating label.
  • ons-progress: Added Material progress bar and circular loader.
  • ons-ripple: Added Material Design ripple effect component.
  • ons-switch: Added "material" modifier.
  • ons-toolbar-button: Added "material" modifier.
  • ons-toolbar: Added "material" modifier.
  • ons-back-button: Change style when parent toolbar has modifier "material".
  • ons-list: Added "material" modifier.
  • ons-tabbar: Fixed #929
  • ons-splitter: Fixed #952.
  • core: Add support for Browserify.
  • ons.platform: uses cordova-plugin-device if installed.
  • ons-back-button: automatically hides if navigator has only 1 page.


  • ons-tabbar: Remove previous page when using loadPage().


  • ons-pull-hook: Fix flickering in iOS.


  • ons-tabbar: Fixed #963.


  • ons-popover: Fixed #880.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed #929.
  • dependencies: Fixed #936.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Fixed #966.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Fixed #967.
  • ons-pull-hook: Fixed #969.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed #1018.


  • ons-page: Fix status bar fill for iOS9.


  • ons-tabbar: Remove flickering when navigator is a child of tabbar.
  • ons-dialog: Fixed broken mask-color attribute.


  • ons-tabbar: Fixed #891.


  • ons-carousel: Fixed #844.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed #865.
  • core: Fixed #845.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Added debouncing to increase performance on iOS.
  • core: FastClick patched to support setting the system clock back.


  • ons-lazy-repeat: Recalculate heights when number of items change in order to support dynamic lists with variable height items.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Don't wait to render to make the list more responsive.



  • ons-sliding-menu: Fixed swipeable default behaviour related to AngularJS update.


  • core: Updated AngularJS to version 1.4.3.
  • core: Fixed #777.
  • core: Fixed #767.


  • ons-dialog: Fixed a memory leak when using parentScope. Closes #735.
  • ons-alert-dialog: Fixed a memory leak when using parentScope.
  • ons-popover: Fixed a memory leak when using parentScope.


  • ons-lazy-repeat: Fixed #678.
  • ons-navigator: Added leavePage and enterPage objects to prepop event.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Fixed broken swipe-target-width attribute.
  • ons-back-button: Prevent popping page twice on double tap.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Fix bug that caused infinite digest loops.
  • ons-tabbar: Fix broken persistent attribute.
  • ons-carousel: Fix bug where items were incorrectly cached.
  • ons-navigator: Fix bug in insertPage() when pages are inserted on top.
  • ons-scroller: Fixed #707.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed a random error when event was undefined.


  • ons-carousel: Fixed postchange event for carousel on IE11. Fixed #646.


  • ons-page: Fixed scrolling on Windows Phone. Fixed #618.


  • ons-sliding-menu: Fixed #544.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Fixed #464.
  • ons-pull-hook: Fixed #467.
  • ons-pull-hook: Fixed issue where a error was thrown if the pull hook was destroyed before $done() was called.
  • core: Added end-to-end testing with Protractor.
  • ons-alert-dialog: Fixed #478.
  • ons-pull-hook: Fixed #498.
  • ons-navigator: Blocks events on pages while animation is running. This fixes #457 and also fixes the issue where pages were pushed/popped twice when tapping quickly.
  • ons-alert-dialog: Fixed #511.
  • ons-alert-dialog: Fixed #512.
  • core: ons.createDialog, ons.createPopover and ons.createAlertDialog can now be supplied with a scope object in order to specify the parent scope of the element. This makes data binding much easier.
  • ons-loading-placeholder: Fixed #541.
  • ons-loading-placeholder: The component can now be used anywhere.
  • ons-tabbar: Fixed #530.
  • ons-split-view: Fixed #525.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Added event handler attributes.
  • ons-alert-dialog: Added event handler attributes.
  • ons-carousel: Added event handler attributes.
  • ons-dialog: Added event handler attributes.
  • ons-navigator: Added event handler attributes.
  • ons-popover: Added event handler attributes.
  • ons-pull-hook: Added event handler attributes.
  • ons-split-view: Added event handler attributes.
  • ons-tabbar: Added event handler attributes.
  • ons-split-view: Fixed #552.
  • ons-navigator: Added animation option to popPage().
  • ons-navigator: Added replacePage() method.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Improved behavior when items are removed.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Fixed #577.
  • core: Windows Universal (Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 and IE 11) partial support.
  • core: FastClick library updated to 1.0.6. This adds support for iOS 8.4+, earlier versions of Onsen UI will not work with iOS 8.4+.


  • ons-carousel: Fixed #358. Breaks compatibility with 1.2.1, 'swipeable' attribute must be added to <ons-carousel> tags to made them touch swipeable.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed #350.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed broken Android slide animation.
  • ons-carousel: Added 'auto-refresh' attribute to automatically refresh carousel when items are added or removed in AngularJS.
  • ons-back-button: Automatically hide back button when there is only one page in the stack.
  • ons-scroller: Fixed #389.
  • ons-button: Fixed broken isDisabled() method.
  • ons-icon: Updated Ionicons to version 2.0.1.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed #369.
  • ons-popover: Fixed #367.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed #365.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed #398.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed #353. Added overscroll event and event.waitToReturn(promise) method.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed #352. Added auto-scroll-ratio attribute and related methods.
  • ons-carousel: When carousel is swipeable it doesn not propagate touch events to parent.
  • ons-switch: Added ngChange directive.
  • ons-button: Fixed so it can be used with ngDisabled.
  • ons-toolbar-button: Fixed so it can be used with ngDisabled. This fixes issue #321.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed unresponsive carousel drag event for Android.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed #401.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Clicking outside the menu when it is open will now close it.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Fixed #319.
  • ons-tab: Implemented persistent attributed to prevent tab content from being destroyed when navigating to another tab.
  • ons-tabbar: Fixed broken hide-tabs attribute. (atakayama)
  • ons-pull-hook: Implemented <ons-pull-hook> component.
  • core: Removed the alias stack so variables like ons.navigator and ons.slidingMenu can not be used anymore.
  • core: Added ons.componentBase variable. All component variables are attached to this variable if it is truthy. Can be changed to avoid polluting the global scope. Default is window.
  • ons-lazy-repeat: Implemented <ons-lazy-repeat> component.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed #359.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed #380.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Fixed #382.
  • ons-popover: Fixed #416.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed strange behavior when carousel was smaller than container.
  • ons-split-view: Fixed bug where split view did not update correctly on some Android devices.


  • ons-switch: Fixed #318.
  • css-components: Fixed #323.
  • css-components: Fixed #331.
  • ons-split-view: Fixed issue where split view mode didn't update on Android.
  • ons-carousel: Fixed #341.
  • ons-split-view: Fixed #340. Now emits orientation change event every time the window is resized for desktop browsers.


  • ons-screen: Removed.
  • Removed all deprecated methods and attributes on 'ons-split-view' and 'ons-sliding-menu'.
  • ons-page: Changed some internal markup structure and added '.page__background' elements for displaying page background.
  • core: Added 'init' events to components.
  • core: Fixed memory leak where events handlers were not removed when components were destroyed.
  • ons-icon: Implemented ons-icon attributes with css attribute selectors instead of javascript.
  • ons-toolbar: Added 'inline' attribute to toolbars.
  • core: Changed so 'ons.bootstrap()' returns an angular.module.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Changed so the main page and menu can be defined as child elements.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Animation can now be disabled when opening and closing menu.
  • ons-split-view: Changed so the main and secondary page can be defined as child elements.
  • ons-split-view: Added events and methods to control the default collapse behavior.
  • ons-split-view: The 'collapse' attribute can now be a media query.
  • ons-platform: Added ons.platform interface that can be used to query platform and OS.
  • ons-keyboard-active: Implemented component that only shows content when the software keyboard is active.
  • ons-loading-placeholder: Added component that shows a placeholder while loading a page.
  • ons-alert-dialog: Implemented 'alert-dialog' component. Also alert(), confirm() and prompt() methods.
  • ons-toolbar: Changed to have 'android' modifier automatically on android platform. And added 'fixed-style' attribute for preventing this behavior.
  • css-components: Added 'alert-dialog', 'dialog' and 'popover' components.
  • css-components: Changed default color scheme for css-components.
  • ons-dialog: Implemented 'dialog' component.
  • ons-popover: Implemented 'popover' component.
  • core: Updated to AngularJS version 1.3.0.
  • ons-carousel: Implemented 'carousel' component.
  • ons-tabbar: Added attribute 'no-reload' to tabs to stop the tab from reloading when pressing it twice.
  • ons-tabbar: The event 'reactive' is triggered when pressing the same tab twice if 'no-reload' is set.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed #228.
  • ons-switch: Fixed #252. Model change is now bound correctly when using ngModel.
  • css-components: Fixed #177. Checkboxes and radio buttons are now clickable on iOS.
  • ons-button: Added several methods to the component.


  • core: Fixed broken navigation-bar layout on running with iOS Cordova in some cases.
  • css-components: Fixed #217.


  • Added task automation with gulp.js in project templates.
  • core: Added ons.disableAutoStatusBarFill() and ons.enableAutoStatusBarFill().
  • core: Changed to write warning message on loading if angular.element is not JQLite.
  • core: Added ons.orientation for dealing with device orientation.
  • navigator: Fixed #208.
  • ons-switch: Implemented #199. Changed switch component 'change' event to have 'isInteractive' property.
  • ons-tabbar: Renamed 'ons-tabbar-item' to 'ons-tab'.
  • ons-tabbar: Changed 'ons-tab' to accept child html contents.
  • ons-tabbar: Added 'ons-tab-active' and 'ons-tab-inactive' attributes on child elements of 'ons-tab'.
  • ons-tabbar: Added 'position' attribute on 'ons-tabbar' to put tabbar on screen top or screen bottom.
  • ons-tabbar: Added 'ons-tab-active', 'ons-tab-inactive' attribute on 'ons-tab'.
  • css-components: Rewritten all patterns completely with Onsen UI.


  • Added 'ons-template' directive.
  • Added 'ons-gesture-detector' directive.
  • Added 'ons-template' directive.
  • core: Removed several memory leak possibilities.
  • core: Added minified scripts.
  • core: Changes ons.bootstrap() to accept dependency module names, e.g. ons.bootstrap(['ngAnimate']).
  • core: Added ons.findComponent(), ons.findParenComponentUntil() methods to retrieve components.
  • core: Added ons.setDefaultDeviceBackButtonListener(), ons.disableDeviceBackButtonHandler(), ons.enableDeviceBackButtonHandler() methods.
  • css-components: Updated border styles on some components for retina display.
  • css-components: Added 'button--outline' component.
  • css-components: Renamed 'icon-button' component to 'toolbar-button'.
  • css-components: Added 'toolbar-button--outline' component.
  • ons-navigator: Fixed #165.
  • ons-navigator: Added navigator.getDeviceBackButtonHandler().
  • ons-tabbar: Added 'animation' attribute.
  • ons-page: Added page.getDeviceBackButtonHandler(), page.setDeviceBackButtonHandler().
  • ons-modal: Added modal.getDeviceBackButtonHandler().
  • ons-modal: Fixed #182.
  • ons-sliding-menu: Added slidingMenu.getDeviceBackButtonHandler().
  • ons-icon: Added ionicons.
  • ons-scroller: Fixed #184.
  • ons-switch: Fixed #185.
  • ons-tabbar: Added tabbar.loadPage(), tabbar.getActiveTabIndex().
  • ons-tabbar: Changed tab-change behaivior to be cancelable with event.cancel() method on 'prechange' events.
  • ons-tabbar: Added 'animation' attribute and TabbarView.registerAnimator() to use tabbar animation on loading.
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