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alert-dialog.styl feat(css-components): Added alert-dialog-mask--material. Jan 15, 2016
button-bar.styl 'mylighten' functionality now only relies on Stylus built-in functions May 12, 2015
button.styl fix(css-components): fix typo Jun 7, 2016
checkbox.styl feat(ons-input): Auto Styling and checkbox/radio type. Feb 2, 2016
dialog.styl Merge master branch into dialog-container. Jan 15, 2016
fab.styl fix(ons-fab): Fix broken layout in Safari. Nov 12, 2015
global.styl 'mylighten' functionality now only relies on Stylus built-in functions May 12, 2015
list.styl fix(css-components): List divider modifiers for MD. Jun 8, 2016
modal.styl Merge branch 'master' of Nov 14, 2014
page.styl fix(css-components): Tweak `overflow` rule of `.page` component to su… Aug 3, 2016
popover.styl fix(ons-popover): Fix an iOS glitch. Jun 2, 2016
progress-bar.styl fix(css-components): Fix progress styles. Nov 6, 2015
radio-button.styl fix(css-components): Radio button was cropped. Feb 29, 2016
search-input.styl fix(search-input-css): styles for IE/Edge Oct 28, 2015
switch.styl fix(css-components): Fix broken iOS switch. Feb 15, 2016
textarea.styl feat(css-components): Add more styles for list items. Dec 9, 2015
toolbar-button.styl fix(ons-navigator): Closes #1457. Jun 22, 2016
util.styl feat(css-components): Add San Francisco font for iOS. Jan 8, 2016