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Onsen UI Playground

Playground, interactive tutorial and issue reporter for Onsen UI.

Try it here:


We always appreciate contributions in form of issues or pull requests. For questions about OnsenUI please ask in our community.

First, clone the repository with After that just run a simple http-server for example:

$ npm install -g http-server
$ http-server . -c-1 -o -p 9000

In order to create new tutorials simply add an HTML file to the corresponding directory under ./tutorial/. After that, include a line in ./js/modules.js to index it in the app. Please check the existing examples to understand the proper syntax. Also add the necessary keywords to modulesDefaultKeywords (same file) to make the tutorial searchable.


By default, this app fetches the latest released version of Onsen UI and the bindings. This can be modified by running app.setVersion(libName, version) in the Developer Console, where libName is a string matching 'onsenui', 'react-onsenui' or any other bindings; and version is a string containing the exact version, e.g. '2.0.5'.

All the libs version are listed under app.config.versions (undefined value means latest).

Local Development

If the playground app is served locally together with Onsen UI repo, it will fetch local versions for Onsen UI and the bindings. It requires Onsen UI main repo directory to be located in the same level:

├── Onsen UI/     (main repo)
└── playground/     (playground repo)

http-server workspace -c-1
// Navigate to localhost:8080/playground/

This can be disabled by running app.config.local = false; in Developer Console and reloading the demo.

Testing Onsen UI

Open this on a device browser while serving locally. It will automatically switch to tabs.html view and can be used to manually debug Onsen UI with any framework.


As part of the build process of, it pulls the gh-pages branch of this repository. To release your Playground changes, merge master into gh-pages (preferably via a pull request, even if you merge it yourself). Then trigger a new build of as per its release guide.

Other Features

  • tabs.html view: tab-visibility binary parameter can be used to toggle tabs visibility: ?tab-visibility=1110 shows everything except "Docs" tab.
  • embed-compact.html view: docs boolean parameter is used to optionally hide the Docs panel (?docs=false).
  • index.html view: issue numeric parmeter can be included to fetch a GitHub issue information. E.g. ?issue=2204.
  • index.html view: external parmeter can specify an external URL to a tutorial-like document. E.g. ?external=


Playground and interactive tutorial for Onsen UI




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