Servicios para construir soluciones de Trámites en Línea para gobiernos.
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About Empiria OnePoint

Empiria OnePoint is a suite of software components that allow governments to provide services to people and organizations using a single point of contact.

This repository contains the system's domain components, application services (uses cases), a web API interface to interact with the backend, and connectors to hook other systems and components to Empiria OnePoint.

This project is based on C# and .NET Framework and can be compiled using Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition.

As other Empiria products, this backend runs over Empiria Framework components and, as usual, needs some of the Empiria Extensions.


Empiria OnePoint services are packaged into the following software modules:

  1. Core

    Domain layer that provides services to perform procedure and document filing tasks.

    Additionally offers services for payment orders issuance, record keeping of payment orders linked to each provided service, and connectors to integrate it with treasury systems. However, this module neither executes payments nor supplies an electronic payment infrastructure.

    Also contains components that describes and defines government's procedures, their data, rules and requirements.

    Empiria OnePoint has a Services Integrator, which is a pluggable infrastructure to connect Empiria OnePoint with external government's software systems and services that performs the actual services.

    Moreover, to control the workflow, it can be connected with Empiria Steps in a natural way or with third-party workflow management systems to adequately control each task's process that may involve one or many public dependencies.

  2. Document Management

    Infrastructure to securely manage documents and forms fulfilled by people, business and organizations.

    Provides electronic sign services to protect and sign documents.

  3. Knowledge Base Management Infrastructure used to build and manage a knowledge base about procedures and government services.

    Also contains components that provides help desk services connected to an issue tracking system.

  4. Application Services Application services layer with a general-purpose entry-level set of use-cases involved in Empiria OnePoint-based solutions.

  5. Web API Http/Json RESTful type web services interface used to communicate Empiria OnePoint-based solutions with front-end applications and third-party systems.


Folder docs contains a web site with the full code documentation. It can be downloaded and installed in the web server of your preference.

There, database.scripts.sql file contains the full database script for SQL Server 2017, and it includes the full set of tables, views, functions and stored procedures.

database.structure.pdf contains a general view map of the database.

components.pdf file presents a general view map of the system.


This system is distributed by the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Óntica always delivers open source information systems. We consider that this practice is specially important in the case of public utility or government systems.


Copyright © 2017-2018. La Vía Óntica SC, Ontica LLC and colaborators.