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OntoUML Server

The ontouml-server project is an implementation of the OntoUML as a Service (OaaS) infrastructure. The server collects model intelligence services designed to be consumed by modeling tools supporting OntoUML.

Service Requesting

The ontouml-server is available at accepting HTTP POST requests for model intelligence service in the following format:

content-type: application/json

  "options": <service-options>,
  "project": <ontouml-project>
  • <service-endpoint>: the URL endpoint assigned to the desired service;
  • <service-options>: the options object containing arguments for the execution of the service. When options are not supported or the request should be executed with its default options, "options" should be assigned to null;
  • <ontouml-project>: the OntoUML project to be processed serialized into JSON (see the ontouml-schema project).

Response messages to successful requests contain JSON objects with two fields, "result" and "issues":

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Connection: close

  "result": <service-result>,
  "issues": <service-issues>
  • <service-result>: the result to the service execution as defined by the specific service (i.e., it can be a string, an array, or an object, as defined in the service's implementation);
  • <service-issues>: an array of issue objects that can be used by the service to inform the client of problems found during the service's execution.

See below a example request for the transformation of an OntoUML model into a gUFO-based OWL ontology:

content-type: application/json

    "options": {
        "baseIri": ""
    "project": {
        "id" : "Pz4r2.6GAqACHQBO",
        "type" : "Project",
        "model" : {
            "id" : "Pz4r2.6GAqACHQBO_root",
            "type" : "Package",
            "contents" : [ {
                "id" : "mNir2.6GAqACHQWX",
                "name" : "Person",
                "type" : "Class",
                "stereotype" : "kind",
                "restrictedTo" : [ "functional-complex" ]
            } ]

The expected response for this request is presented in the following response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Connection: close

  "result": "@prefix : <>.\n@prefix gufo: <>.\n@prefix rdf: <>.\n@prefix rdfs: <>.\n@prefix owl: <>.\n@prefix xsd: <>.\n\n<> rdf:type owl:Ontology;\n    owl:imports gufo:.\n:Person rdf:type owl:Class, gufo:Kind, owl:NamedIndividual;\n    rdfs:subClassOf gufo:FunctionalComplex;\n    rdfs:label \"Person\"@en.\n",
  "issues": []

Available Services

  • Model verification service

    • Description: service the checks for violation of OntoUML semantically-motivated syntactical constraints within the project's model.
    • Endpoint: /v1/verify
    • Options: none
  • Transformation to gUFO

Option Description
"format" a string informing the desired OWL syntax (e.g., "turtle", "n-triples", "n-quads")
"baseIri" a string informing the desired base IRI
"basePrefix" a string informing a prefix to the individual IRIs
"uriFormatBy" a string informing how IRIs should be constructed (i.e., based on element's "name" or "id")
"createObjectProperty" a boolean flag for the creation of object properties
"createInverses" a boolean flag for the creation of inverse object properties
"prefixPackages" a boolean flag for the use of prefixes in package IRIs
"customElementMapping" a object mapping element's IDs to custom labels and IRIs
"customPackageMapping" a object mapping packages' IDs to custom labels and IRIs
  • Modularization service
    • Description: service that generates diagrams out of relational patterns identified in the model.
    • Endpoint: /v1/modularize
    • Options: none

Error Codes

The ontouml-server project communicates with clients over HTTP requests where HTTP status codes are used to classify different types of errors.

Error Code Title Description
400 Bad Request The server received a mal-formed request (e.g., badly serialized OntoUML project)
404 Not Found The desired service endpoint is not implemented
500 Internal Server Error Some error occurred during the execution of the service; please inform the developers or open an issue


If you are interested to know more, feel free to open an issue to provide feedback on the project or reach our team members for more specific cases:


The OntoUML Server is a web service project designed to expose OntoUML-based features on the Web.




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