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A small program that uses the OpenKinect drivers to control mouse input in Ubuntu Linux
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Ooblik's Kinect Mouse - By Tim Flaman -

This is a demo program to allow the control of the mouse by Microsoft's 
Kinect sensor. This will not work unless you have compiled and installed
the Freenect drivers located at

Based off of the Freenect example from the OpenKinect Project.

Probably has to be run as root...

Required Libraries:
 -- libfreenect
 -- libx11-dev
 -- libxtst-dev
 -- freeglut3-dev
 -- libxmu-dev

To build: 

 - Open Terminal and navigate to kinect_mouse dir
 - mkdir build
 - cd build
 - cmake ..
 - make

Special thanks to OpenKinect Project.
For updates follow me on twitter
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